Open Huis

Open House at SM Studio House or Submission

For the 18th time now, Mistress Kate and Mistress Illucia are organizing an open house on Wednesday 13 November 2019  in our SM-Studio House of SubMission in The Hague, Thomsonlaan 109 A.
There are many people who are just curious about an SM-Studio , often find the threshold too high or are full of questions.
In recent years we have noticed that our initiative is highly appreciated and has also been followed by other studios.

  • Have you always wondered how things are going in an SM-Studio?
  • What can you do with a  whip  ?
  • How delicious or intense can a  bondage be  feel?
  • In what ways can you be judged?
  • Can couples also go to a Mistress?
  • How tasty and exciting is it to lie in a leather bodybag?
  • Do I immediately have to bow to a Mistress?
  • Can I just wear her  boots  sit ?
  • Are my limits heard and respected?
  • Can I leave the premises without a stretch after a session?
  • Am I the only one who likes this?
  • What does latex  feel like?  ?
  • Isn’t it crazy to be  locked up  to want to be up?
  • What about privacy?

Just some questions that we are regularly asked, but also our own stories or experiences that we get to hear that we can respond to.

Everyone is welcome during our Open House

During our open house everyone is welcome, provided that they are at least 21 years old and behave normally and respectfully.
Groups are not allowed, unless notified in advance by email.
People who only come to socialize are requested to do this at the designated events.
Also, no sessions are possible during the open house.
Our house slaves provide a drink, we provide the information and tour.
We are Mistress Illucia and Mistress Kate and have joined forces since March 2013 and shaped it under the name ‘House of SubMission’.

Come and see where slaves and slaves submit, taste the atmosphere of a real, serious SM studio that many others leave behind.
Look at the big wheel, shiver under the professional hoist installation, admire yourself in the large mirrors, take a seat in the cell, smell the supple leather, mirror yourself in the high ceiling, let your fingers go along the latex bed and enjoy the shivers down your back.
And since Dominants also have the opportunity to play with submissives, they are of course also welcome to come and have a look.
Admission is free, starting time is 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Thomsonlaan 109 A in The Hague. Always wanted to view an SM studio inside?
Free parking until 6 pm, then pay at the machine with chip card / debit card.

Come and meet Mistress Kate and Mistress Illucia and be guided (around).
For more information view our websites: and or call / mail for your questions
And of course