Volledige overgave SM sessie (machteloosheid)

Machteloosheid is voor de meeste mensen niet iets wat ze nastreven, laat staan totale machteloosheid, maar voor de echte slaaf of slavin is totale machteloosheid misschien wel het ultieme dat bereikt kan worden. Meesteres en onderdanige hebben een lange weg te gaan voor er sprake kan zijn van totale machteloosheid. Het gaat dan ook niet van de ene op de andere dag, maar in stapjes, want dit vraagt een basis van totaal vertrouwen. Die basis kan alleen maar opgebouwd worden als Meesteres en sub elkaar goed kennen, weten waar de grenzen liggen en de bereidheid er is het lot in handen van een ander te leggen. Of voor mij als Meesteres natuurlijk de bereidheid om dat lot in handen te nemen, want dat is een grote verantwoordelijkheid.

That’s why I want to get to know you through and through before I do such a thing. With total powerlessness you have nothing to say or decide anymore. I determine what I do with you and in what way, where, how and how long. And there is nothing you can do about it. You are completely at the mercy of me and my will. That surrender can also work as a total liberation, because you are no longer responsible for anything and you do not have to decide anything. Just undergo …

So you have no idea yourself, anything can happen to you. Maybe I’m going to hit you , or worse: torture. But it may also be that I feel like humiliating you thoroughly. Or maybe I’m in a soft mood and you can just worship my feet, or can you serve the Mistress in all sorts of ways. It just depends on what I feel like.

I determine everything and know what is good for you. Although you have placed your destiny entirely in the hands of the Mistress, my decisions will not always match what you want. Therefore, during total powerlessness, I will probably often bind you firmly or make you defensible in some other way to ensure that you cannot physically resist, even if you wish. And even if you don’t want to resist … the feeling of being tightly bound and unable to move in any direction, not being able to move a fin, gives an experience of powerlessness alone.

Do you dare to put your destiny in my hands? No more control over yourself? Leaving all responsibility to me, not thinking and being totally free. But also totally powerless?

Maybe you want to start carefully with an SM session in which a tight bondage is combined with an SM surprise session . There, too, I determine what happens and as a slave you have to undergo. Then from there we can slowly work towards total surrender, powerlessness and that one great liberation.

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