Workshop / Training / course ‘Mistress / Master

Workshop Mrs Illucia House of SubMission The Hague

I regularly receive requests from people who ask me if it is possible to get a training with me in the studio to become a Master or Mistress. It may be that this interest is there from a professional interest and you want to work as a commercial Master or Mistress in the world of BDSM. But the interest can also be private … you have been working on SM for a while but you want to broaden your horizons. Gain more experience and learn to master the finer points. You are somewhat hesitant about the more extreme forms of SM and want to know everything about the much-needed safety aspects. In short: gaining more knowledge and experience, in whatever form.

Of course it may also be that you are completely new to this scene and you have never done anything with SM before, but do have an irrepressible craving for it. Unsure about your role and its implementation, you still want to know and experience everything about it.

So everyone, man and woman, experienced or inexperienced, has his or her own reasons to contact me about this. Some want to discover this with their own partner, others want to gain all experience on their own. Still others want to work as a professional Master or Mistress, perhaps in a commercial SM studio together with others or in private at home.

With me in the well-equipped SM studio House or SubMission in The Hague there are very extensive possibilities to create a customized SM session. Together with my years of experience as a professional Mistress, this offers an excellent basis for a course, course or workshop to a good Master or Mistress, whichever of the aforementioned goals you have.

I would like to help you on your way, whether you are alone as a man or a woman, or as a couple. I always find it very nice to bring people further, to guide you in this beautiful and fascinating world.

Just some topics that can be discussed during a workshop are:

– What is the difference in experience between different types of whips? Think of the difference between a suede whip, a rubber whip, a leather whip. Or, for example, a strips whip compared to a single tail whip.
– On which parts of the body can I hit and where absolutely not? What are the safety aspects?
– Do not I hit too hard? Or too soft? How do I communicate this in a good way during a session, but do I remain strict and ‘in control’ as dominant?
– I want to do something with ropes, but I have no idea how to start. Which buttons can I quickly learn and how can I tie someone safely? What is too tight? What else do I have to pay attention to and when do I harm someone?
– What impact can it have if you take away all the senses from someone else? How do I reassure someone and how do I take away any panic?
– What is the importance of indicating hard limits? How easily can you go over a soft border?
– How do you use a stop word? What is the difference between a safety word and a stop word?
– What kind of anal games can I do? What is dilation, what is anal flushing and how do you do this?
– How do I let my playing partner listen to me? I am uncertain about my dominance and my sub is often rebellious.
– What can I do with CBT? Is it dangerous and can we still have children?
– What kind of Master or Mistress is there in me?

Of course you can indicate in advance which topics interest you and with which SM aspects you would like to gain experience. I will of course go into this with extra attention during the workshop.

The studio is equipped with quality material and during this course we have access to all imaginable SM attributes such as whips, clamps, (clean) bondage rope, buoys, masks, strap ons, but also multiple furniture such as cages, bondage tables, electric hoists , penalty benches, crosses and a wheel. There is also a beautiful bathroom with clean towels and bathrobes that you can use if you may have become a bit hot. Or because you want to try a golden shower …

Condoms (also recommended for a strapon), gloves for the anal games and lubricant is all present. There are drinks for the dry throats and of course I have all the time and energy for you, as long as the course lasts.

As you can see, you get a lot of information during a course, course or workshop. You gain experience that you can also put into practice right away. You can work fine with this, although it is always possible to book a sequel to the workshop. In such a follow-up training we will go deeper into everything that interests you and you will get even more handles to keep your slave or sub-submissive and obedient at your feet.

Or wherever you want him or her, of course! 😉

Just as with other courses or workshops, this course also has a price tag. After all, I put my time and energy into it and as you have seen above, a workshop is going to look a lot. In addition, you will of course have the full disposal of the entire studio and the use of all available material during the entire time of the workshop.
The costs of a workshop will depend entirely on what kind of course or training you want. What do you all want to learn, how long will it take? Only when we have that clear can I make an estimate of the time and all the necessary material. Based on that I can then make you a price proposal.

If, after reading all the explanations, you think: “Yes, I would love to have Mistress Illucia as a teacher or tutor; I would like to attend a workshop in studio House or SubMission in The Hague “, send me an email or call me in. I would like to explain something further, or we make an appointment.