I could write a book about this, but that would be too much of a good thing. Whips come in all shapes and sizes: bullwhips, ridingwhips, snaketails, cat’o’nine tails, floggers, trainingwhips, broad or thin stringscaressingwhips and so on. These can be equipped with broad or thin strings made of leather or horsehair. The possibilities are numerous and in my studio you can find them all! So I always have the right tool at hand to give you a severe flogging or a caress. Yes, that is a possibility too.
Every whip has its own purpose and approach. Do I want you to enjoy or not, with this it is very well possible. Of course I will always take into account what you can handle, are you experienced and how do you react to all this.
Whips are not to be taken lightly and need and experienced hand, but how they make beautiful marks. Mentally it also is a marvelous feeling, especially when you are standing before me blindfolded so you don’t know where and when I will hit you.
Do you dare?