Whips. The stereotype image of SM: the Mistress with a whip in her hand. Fortunately I have a lot of whips and especially many different ones to be able to hit you everywhere and for a very long time. Riding whips, lunging whips, dressage whips, bullwhips, single tails, floggers, horsehair whips, sjamboks, cat tails or cat o ‘nine tails …. they are all available in my well-equipped BDSM studio in The Hague.

I really enjoy being able to let you experience my entire collection of whips in an intensive and lengthy whipping session. All small and big differences in the type of whips, but also all nuances as for example the used material such as rubber, suede or leather of lamb, cow or kangaroo come to light when I can entertain myself with you for a bit longer.

But of course a short-term use of one of my whips is also possible. For example, with my riding crop, with which I can correct you with a fast, short tap very purposefully, if you do not listen well once more or don’t do what I say immediately.

If I want to punish you a little more, I can use for example a somewhat heavier model cat o ‘nine tails or a single tail whip.

I love to warm you up first with a dressage whip, switching to suede floggers later on. Two floggers, that is, one left and one right in each hand, alternating in hitting you harder and softer on your skin to give your back a nice red color.

If you think, just like me, “red is beautiful” and red is your favorite color, than we can continue with a vicious snake tail whip or signal whip, just to name a few. Not enough? In that case the bullwhip is definitely something for you, but it is certainly not for wimps. Are you a wimp? Or do you at least want to experience the bullwhip once in your life, to feel how it can cut through your skin? Maybe one blow is enough for you, but maybe you get the taste of it and can’t get enough. You might not want anything else anymore!

I am ready… are you?