To lose weight means getting rid of some extra pounds, but if these weights fall off, it means punishment. Even though you as a slave or slut can’t change anything about it and it is not your fault. Because the Mistress is always right! So you’d better hope that the Mistress will attach the weights very well and that the nipple clamps to which they are attached are firmly clamped to your nipples. So pull yourself together, just like those clips… you can handle a little nipple torture, can you? 😉

But actually … there is nothing to moan or groan about right now. We haven’t even really started yet, we only dealt with your nipples, which look great btw with those butterfly clamps and 50 gram weights. I also like the little chain in between, for some extra weights… in a little while.

Because you already are so talkative right now, we will first arrange something ‘to shut that big mouth of yours, dont you think? Just stick your tongue out. Let’s see… let’s put a nice clip on it and then we can look for a matching weight for you. Maybe a weight of 75 grams is appropiate for now, let’s try that. At least that’ll be enough to no longer have to hear your complaining. Now we can try 50 grams more. What do you say? Mmmmffbrrll? I dont understand! You should articulate more clearly.

In the meantime I will just continue torturing your cock and balls. First I will tie your business tightly with a cord, so that I have enough room to leave some weight there. The Mistress may lose some kilos right? Remember … be careful with your answer. Ah, whatever your answer might be… it’s always wrong! In a “yes” you seem to think me too fat and in a “no” you contradict me and try to escape the consequences. Hahahaha. Oh yes, you can not even talk, almost forgot! 😉 Well, this must be your lucky day! Be very happy with that weight on your tongue.

Let’s see how far we come along with those weights on your balls, although there will be no question of ‘coming’ in your case. Do you see those ball weights? Weights of 250 grams each and I want to lose at least eight ball weights. On the floor in the studio they are in the way anyway.

Can you handle a kilo of extra weight on each of your balls? Maybe even more? Give a different dimension to “show some balls”!