A vacuum bed is best compared with a large rubber sleeping bag, which is surrounded by a tubular frame all around to keep the shape. As soon as you lie in the bed, I can suck the air out and make it vacuum, so that you are completely wrapped in the rubber or latex bedsheet. The vacuum bed only has a rubber tube at mouth level to breathe through. You see nothing and you can not move as soon as you are in the bed and the sheets are enclosed on both sides. It almost feels like a super tight body bag. A bondage that covers your entire body. The only thing you can do is enjoy this special experience.

Personally, I think it’s wonderful to see how the rubber is clearly visible and shows all contours of your naked body. This way the Mistress can clearly see where everything is and where I can torture you. Your cock and balls, your nipples, legs, feet, everything is exposed explicitly. When I then strike your body with my hands, your body tightly wrapped in the rubber, you’ll feel like you’ve never felt before. This feeling is heavenly, because your skin is now super sensitive. Just imagine that I put a mean nipple clamp on your nipples, or hit your penis with a whip!

This is all very exciting in itself, because you are now totally dependent on your senses. It gets even more exciting when I put my hand over the trachea so you can not breathe. What shall I do… shall I let you suffocate or….? How long won’t I move my hand? When will I let you breathe again? And… when will I release you? You are totally powerless captured in the SM club in The Hague, entirely at my disposal. That’s how I like to see you, my little slave. Don’t you agree? 😉