You can compare this at best with a giant rubber sleepingbag, on all sides fitted with a frame of tubes to maintain the shape. It only has a small rubber pipe near your mouth to breath through. Once your in there you can’t see and can’t move when I suck the air out of it. The only thing you can do is enjoy this special experience.
Myself I find it marvelous to see the rubber tightening around your naked body and show the contours. Your cock and balls, your nipples, legs, feet, everything is there to see. When I then caress you with my hands, which is now tightly wrapped in rubber, you don’t know what you go through. The feeling is heavenly because your skin is hypersensitive now.
In itself this is very exciting because you have to rely on your senses only. It gets even more exciting when I hold my hand over the airpipe so you can’t breathe. What do I do….. will I suffocate you or….?