Beautiful red lipstick on your lips, the wig with long blond curls that completely covers your own hair. We still have put make up on the rest of your face, you and me together. You and the Mistress, sitting together in font of the dressing table in one of the nicely decorated rooms of SM club House of SubMission in The Hague. Can you see yourself well in the mirror? You look beautiful already now, right? And it only gets better as we move along… you become more and more a real lady!

Or would you rather remain recognizable as a transvestite, the stubble of a premature beard that clearly visible through the skin of your chin? Parading on your high heels like a real horny transvestite slut through the studio… a short patent leather miniskirt with fishnet stockings and suspenders underneath. Wobbling step by step in front of the Mistress, hoping you’ll get her approval. Sometimes she is strict and you are punished mercilessly for every little mistake. One manly gesture too much and you immediately get a pet on your ass with the nasty riding crop… But at other times she is less strict, very nice actually and she is full of understanding that you have to learn a lot before you can become a full-fledged woman match. Like a woman, in appearance, in behavior, in taste and preference. Or as a slutty, whorish horny slut, who does nothing better than sucking strapons and slave cocks, deep in your throat until you feel gagging the mucus from the corners of your mouth.

Today we go for the real transvestite lady. So no messy clothes, no short miniskirts of patent leather and no dildo or cock is sucked. Maybe a dildo into your slave pussy, when you are completely dressed up like an attractive, beautiful woman. Because the Mistress likes to fuck such a handsome appearance from behind. As a reward for all the work we put into it to transform you from coarse, unruly male to elegant, subtle woman. The difference between male slave and female slave thus becomes very small. But in all cases of course you remain one hundred percent submissive to the Mistress.

Let’s go on with your makeup. What do you want for eyeshadow? Matching with your lipstick in soft pink? Somewhat more deviant light purple? We can try each eyelid in a different color and then see what looks best. Of course we don’t leave the eyelids different! We want to make the perfect transvestite out of you and not some second-rate clown! 😉
Long black plaster eyelashes for a seductive look. Give yourself a wink in the mirror. Sexy right? Some foundation on the cheeks and then a very light pink blush to accentuate the cheekbones. Well… that all looks very feminine already. And then we haven’t even touched the clothes. The stiff penis that you already have should be tied in tight bondage for punishment. And then pull it between your legs backwards. Attach it to your buttocks with a cord and some duct tape, so that it doesn’t show through your lace panties. Because that doesn’t look very ladylike, such a fat cock for a decent lady, right? We just have to see how it goes in a while, if I allow you to walk up and down before me on your high-heel pumps. Your legs rubbing along that stiff dick with each step, not able to move in any direction, caught between your legs and the duct tape. And walking wide-legged… that’s way too boorish, way too masculine.

So try your best for me, your dear Mistress. Or will she suddenly become strict, if you ruin everything and can’t control yourself and your stiff hard dick just because you’re horny? Before we put you on a nice dress, I want to see you walking around in your briefs, so that I can see how you control your cock. Or do not have control over it, of course, in which case I will have to take the control…

Ready for a check-up? I am…!