Click clack click clack. The Mistress’s high heels are tapping on the floor. They are getting closer. Closer to your body, closer to your head. You lie on your back on the floor, ready for trampling. Turning your head sideways, you look at the beautiful sharp high heels, which are now right next to your face, only a few centimeters away from your eyes. From this very close, the heel looks huge and you can see all the details very well.

Will I wear high leather boots and will you see the supple black leather, or do I wear my pumps so that you even see a little piece of my divine feet? Are you very lucky and are you able to admire my beautifully painted toenails? Turning your eyes back to the heel again, you see how the tip of the heels is pressed firmly on the ground by the weight of the Mistress, and you imagine how she will trample you in a short while, how those same heels will press you down in a moment. Trampling, so standing on top of you, walking all over you. You will be able to feel the same heels that you can only see now. You will have to feel them, because once the Mistress uses you as her doormat or human carpet, you can’t go anywhere and just endure it.

Her weight pushes you down and the longer she is standing in one place, the harder it becomes to breathe. You wonder if she will put her full weight on her heels when she is on your stomach, so that her heels will disappear completely into your stomach and push your bowels aside. Will she then move the heels to your chest, or to your nipples, to leave nice heelmarks on your body with the sharp edges? Or maybe she will put the sole of one boot on your lips, ordering you to lick it completely clean, while the other foot stays in place, teasing you while leaving an ever deeper impression in your skin.

“Well slave, are you ready for it?”, I get you out of your thoughts in a split second and without waiting for the answer “Here I come!”. With a firm step on your torso I stay on one foot, the other in the air. While I am rocking up and down you can’t do anything else without producing a sort of “uuumpfff” sound every time when my weight pushes down. That’s how I like it, my human rugs in trouble to breathe. Or to see how you pull all kinds of strange faces, expressing pain as my heels dig into your flesh, or bright red because of my weight with which I crush you.

I don’t do all of that, of course, to the people for whom trampling is new, or people who can not tolerate pain that well. Then I don’t use it as a form of torture. Trampling can very well be done with bare feet, in Thailand it is even given as a form of massage. Anyway, you are not here in Thailand now, you are with me in the BDSM studio in The Hague and I don’t use trampling as a massage, but within an SM session.

If you have some submissive feelings, you might also be useful as my footstool. That way I can also introduce you to my heels and my bare feet extensively and for a long period of time. Possibly combined with some foot worship, where you can worship my feet with the necessary attention. The weight might be a bit less, but I can increase the pressure in enough other ways. Curious? Do you think you can handle the pressure?