Torture probably evokes images of Medieval dungeons, bound prisoners who are abused and beaten to the limit, screams of pain and all sorts of evil torture instruments. Well… those images are right! 😉 The only difference, if you let yourself be tortured by Mistress Illucia is that it’s not in a Medieval dungeon, but in a modern, contemporary well-equipped SM studio in The Hague in The Netherlands. But furthermore, torture can mean all of that at my place. I like to torture and if you can handle it I will also torture you for a long time. After all, you are my prisoner and perhaps you’ll even let yourself be tortured completely voluntarily?

The image of a prisoner, totally exhausted, hanging in shackles on the wall, with his back bloody red struck to pieces. It will not be that bad, unless you want to, but I can certainly give you some marks for sure, using different whips and canes. With all sorts of heavy, strict bondage I can at least prevent you from running away, every attempt to escape will be in vain! In this way you’ll be at my full disposal. Powerlessly I can subject you to different ways of torture.

I like to try and see with some clamps and weights when you will start to squeak, for example when I start torturing your nipples. And when you start to make a sound, we will of course just go on. Torture as it is meant to be, so you have to really feel it (possibly also still one day later) and screaming is part of the fun. Squeaking is not enough.

Or what about torturing you a little lower on your body, your cock and balls? Physical torture on the most sensitive parts for most people: the genitals. For my male slaves and prisoners, I have the choice of all kinds of cock and ball torture, CBT, ballbusting and dilator sounds. In all these things I can also make good use of clamps and weights, possibly combined with some electro torture. And although for the female prisoners and female slaves CBT or ball busting is not eligible, there are still plenty of possibilities left to keep me busy with your labia and the pubic area. Nothing to hide, exposed as they are to me!

A special form of torture, which also has something to do with weight, is trampling. Imagine what it feels like when I literally walk all over you or when I stand on you. When I put my full weight on my heels and press them deep into your skin. But I can also sit on top of your stomach with my full weight, while you are lying on a bench. With every breath you take, my bodyweight sinks deeper. Not as intense as trampling, but I do want to see how long you would last until you beg me with a reddened face to stop. If you have enough breath left, that is…