Profoundly submissive, that’s how I like to see you. And that’s how you prefer to see yourself as well, isn’t it? Because whether you want it or not, that really doesn’t matter. In all your submissiveness, I, your Mistress, is all that matters. My happiness and my pleasure are important. You eliminate yourself completely and you do everything that I want. To please your Mistress. Or to obey. Am I right?

Do I see a little doubt there? Do you think to yourself “well… do everything… everything is quite a lot…”? Do you think “I am submissive, but not that submissive“. Shall we test and try how subservient you really are? Well, actually I don’ t even have to ask. You just do what I want, no questions asked! If not, I can easily come up with some torture practices to punish you severely and still let you obey completely. You bet that at the end of the afternoon you will crawl through the studio like a faithful little doggy, saliva drooling from your dog’s mouth, on top of my leather knee boots. Lots of leather, and lots of slobber, so there is also a lot to lick.

My own little lap dog, lying loyal at my feet with only an eye for me. With every move, every snap of my finger you look up. What is it that the Mistress wants now, what would she mean? As a good slave, you of course try to read every wish of her lips as good and as bad as you can, to carry out every assignment to her total satisfaction. But not every movement means something. Sometimes the Mistress just sits down a bit differently, she just shifts for a moment. Just like now.

Or no, not at all, she gets up from her chair and taps softly with the tip of her kneehigh boots against your side. You quickly make room for her, but that was apparently not her intention since she fiercely pulls you up by your hair now. With a sound, harsh slap against your cheek she spits in your face a couple of times and hisses: “Sit down! Just like that!” With another faceslap against your other cheek, she turns around and circles around you a number of times. As if to inspect you. You sit on your hands and knees, your back straight. With your eyes down you only see her legs, wrapped in the high boots. For a moment she stops in front of your spread fingers, thre next moment she lifts her foot and places the sole on top of your fingers. Lifting her other foot into the air now her weight is on one foot, on top of your fingers that are almost flattened between the boot and hard marble studio floor.

Suddenly you feel her weight on your back. She is sitting on you, using you as a human chair. The warmth of her body feels nice, you feel it on your bare back right through her latex dress. Fortunately, with her weight on your back the pressure on your fingers also decreases, but how long will you hold her on your back? Especially because your knees now have to endure all the weight. And you know from experience that your arms also will start to get tired after a while. Tired and heavy. And from experience you also know that the Mistress takes her time when she sits down on you and uses you as a piece of human furniture. Or is it: abuses you?

Actually, not, is it? You’ll find everything right, as long as you can stay close to her, as long as you can stay in her vicinity. Your object of worship, your superior Goddess, your purpose and salvation in life, your Mistress. Your everything. You do everything for her. Well… everything? How submissive are you?