Is spitting your fetish and do you love the Mistress’s spit like nothing else?

How horny and intimate it can be if you can watch as the Mistress’s lips gather more and more spit. Her sensual lips moist from the drool, slowly forming a long streak of saliva, which slowly drips down from the mouth of the Mistress. The streak becomes longer and longer and slowly lands into your opened mouth. First on your tongue, then, when it gets too much, it automatically slips into your throat. “Thank you, Mistress!”, you say thankfully, as you swallow the last drops of her delicious spittle.

Or would you rather be completely covered by her spit? Or only in your face for example? Feel the humiliation as the Mistress spits you right in your face. Maybe she will gurgle right into your opened mouth as she drags your head backwards by pulling your hair. With her hand she smears all the blobs that landed next to your mouth over your face and you have to lick her fingers clean afterwards.

Or do you prefer your whole body soaked with all of her grumes and phlegms, the more, the better? The humiliation is complete when the Mistress spits on the ground right in front of you and orders you to lick her saliva from the floor!

Or wait … let me first spread it out for you with the philty soles of my boots. Then you can also lick them clean as well.

Go sit on your knees… like a good little slave on the cold floor of the BDSM studio. Waiting for what is to come. The only thing you know for sure is: spittle. A lot of spittle. Where, when, how? Time will tell…