Under specials I have collected all the things that I do and like as a Mistress, but that don’ t fit so well in one of the other main sections. Tey are of course all BDSM related activities, but you just don’ t encounter them so often in other SM studios or with other Mistresses.

Consider, for example, the so-called Mistresses hour. During this session you put yourself completely in my hands (after we have clearly discussed your limits and wishes). You’ll have to wait and see if I will meet your wishes, but of course I always respect your limits. It is therefore a surprise what will happen and this makes an SM session extra exciting. In such a session, the Mistress also can easily look for your limits, in case you have not yet discovered them yourself.

Something else where we never know in advance what is going to happen, is the slaves gangbang. A whole night long of wild and easy play with other hetero and bi-slaves and other dominants. The Mistress ensures that at least one female slave is present each time. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re dominant or submissive and everyone can make sexual use of each other. Of course only with mutual consent and everything always totally safe. The SM studio is also available for use on this evening.

The slave night is as the name implies in the evening and sounds almost the same as the slave’s gangbang. Instead of a guaranteed female slave for general use, there is now a guaranteed second Mistress present, namely Mistress Kate, with whom I organize the slave evenings each time. Maybe there is a female slave as well, maybe not. But you can be sure there will be more slaves. Together you will serve the two Mistresses, but they together can of course also take care of you. Do you think you could handle that?

Even though you might be able to handle two Mistresses at the same time, the punishment session is yet another level. The punishment session is really meant as punishment. For example because you have done something wrong or because you have not fulfilled an appointment. You can book a punishment session commanded by your own dominant, but also on your own initiative. If you come by order of your own Master or Mistress, they may determine the penalty or they give me carte blanche. If you do not come by order of someone else, we will discuss the reason for your arrival – why did you deserve punishment – and then I will decide what your punishment will be. Where mercy is always possible with every other session, this is not possible during a punishment session. The punishment is carried out without mercy! So think twice before coming to me for this session!

Look for more information about all these specials on the relevant pages.