Slowly the dilator sound slips into your urethra, deeper and deeper. The Mistress has tied you firmly onto the bondage table so that you can hardly move. The only thing moving is the bar of surgical steel and the hand of the Mistress. Still deeper, the stick slides away, slowly disappearing completely into your stiff cock. You can’t see how many centimeters already have been pushed in, but the sound dilator has long gone over its half length and certainly beyond the length of your penis. Somewhere there has to be a piece of dilator in your urine bladder, but strangely enough you don’t feel much of it.

Don’t you feel much because of the excitement? After all, your penis is hard as a rock and that is not only due to the inflexible metal. Or is it because of the lubricant with which the Mistress has rubbed the sound? It is the reason why it finds its way smoothly like a snake and slippery like an eel. Maybe you just need some time before the feeling comes… The Mistress has not chosen the thickest sound yet to push into your urethra and the SM session has only just begun. So… there is still time enough to enjoy.

For the time being, you can’t do much other than passively watch and wait, you can’t go anywhere anyway, tightly tied as you are on the table. Not that you wanted to leave… it is way too exciting and enjoyable at the moment. The lubricant mixes with your abundant amount of pre-cum and every inch that the Mistress pushes further into you, is making your penis jump as far as it can go. Actually, that is not far at all, because on the one hand your dick is held in place by the hard straight piece of steel dilator sound, on the other hand also by the hand of the Mistress, wrapped in a latex glove, enclosing your cock tightly. So sturdy, that it makes you horny and excited.

Her grip becomes firmer and even more firm, until it almost becomes a kind of squeezing. And then really pinching, almost CBT, with her fingers around your balls, which makes you shout out a cry of pain. “The agreement was that you would keep quiet during the entire session, slave”, the Mistress says. “So we will do something about that first” and before you know it, she has skillfully put an inflatable ballgag into your mouth. You can only bring out an incomprehensible murmur. “Well, now that we’ve dealt with your noises we can continue”, she says, as she’s bringing out the thicker set of dilator sounds.

“Now that you have been silenced, we can switch to the real work! Our neighbors of the SM studio at least will not have to suffer from your screams. And me neither. Hahahaha.”
Skilfully, the iron stick is pulled out of your dick and she shows you a thicker copy right in front of your eyes. “You can handle this one too, right?” The only thiong you can do is nod… you think so. “And this one?” she asks, showing you a finger-thick one which makes you shake “no” fiercely at the same time. “No? Are you sure? Don’t you want to try it for your Mistress? I’ll have to think of a proper punishment for you, not even wanting to try… Maybe I should attach some electrodes on the next dilator sound. Let’s see if you still find that thrilling.”

Is it a mindfuck or is she really going to do it, you ask yourself. Electric shocks directly through your cock. That might be cumming in shockwaves. Or not cumming at all, because it can also turn out to be an intolerable pain. You do not know how high the Mistress will raise the tension. No escape possible on that bondage bank, whatsoever.

You lie, waiting for what is to come. For now that means the next sound, this time a lot thicker than the previous one. The new one is already well underway. The Mistress is already reaching for the electrodes…