Slave Night

For a limited number of slaves I regularly have a slave evening in The Hague together with Mistress Kate in our SM studio House of Submission. The slave night is meant for slaves who want to serve two mistresses together with several other servants and submissives during such an evening.

Do you think you can handle two Mistresses? Even if you are with others, it may be that you suddenly get all the attention. Then you are pulled to your left and right… perhaps even literally! Conspiring with other slaves against the Mistresses? You bet that we won’t let that happen! 😉

Would you like to experience such a slave night together with us, Mistress Kate and Mistress Illucia? Together with some other worms at our feet? Sign up in advance, because the places are limited. Of course we want to give you enough attention and also Mistresses have only two hands…

You can register with Mistress Illucia, exclusively by email or telephone.

Also if you have any questions or if you need more information you can contact me. For contact details, see the page under the “contact” menu.