Look, little slaves of mine, it is very simple. I, as your Mistress, determine everything and you obey and do as I say. Hahahaha. Life is simple. You just have to know the rules…

Unfortunately, not all of my submissives are equally smart and now and again I have to punish some of them to show who is in charge and how the game is played. But today I’m in a good mood and I will explain the rules once more.

Anyone who wants to book an SM session in The Hague, The Netherlands, in my studio HouseOfSubMission with me, Mistress Illucia, can do so via email or by phone +31 6-2753 4703.

Every Wednesday and Thursday I am present in the SM studio on the Thomsonlaan 109 in The Hague. On other days I only work by appointment.

Prices of a session can be requested by phone.

Of course I expect you on the agreed date and time. Prior to a session I always have an intake interview with you, in which we will discuss your wishes, expectations, preferences, fantasies and of course your limits. We agree on a stop word and a safeword so that during the session you can indicate at any time whether you need a temporary interruption or that you want to stop the session completely.

Getting intimate or sex is not possible during my sessions. You only touch me when I tell you to and only in the way that I indicate. If you do not stick to that rule, that means the end of the session and you will have to leave immediately.

Hygiene is self-evident to me and I hope for you too. In any case, I expect that you have showered at home prior to the session, or refreshed yourself in a different way. If that is not possible for you, you have the opportunity to do so in my SM studio. Also afterwards, after the session, there is an opportunity to take a shower.

Preferably you have shaved your intimate parts and if you want to play an anal game, I want you to have an anal flush at home. If that is not possible at home, you also have the opportunity to do so in the studio. If you indicate this in advance, I can make the arrangements for it.

Furthermore, much is possible during the sessions. There are sessions for beginners, for the people who are still inexperienced with SM but are curious about it, an SM surprise session, in which I will take into account your limits, but not your preferences, a merciless punishment session, a half-day session of 4 hours long and much more. In all SM sessions I can meet your fetishes and your other preferences, whether it is torture or lust, assignments or special wishes. Take a good look around on my site and I’ll be happy to see you on the Thomsonlaan 109 in The Hague, Netherlands!