Bend over feel my strap-on dildo

My name is John. I have been single for the past six months. On an occasion, one of my friends told me about the studio of Mistress Illucia and that is how I got to know about it. He told me how it was a fetish heaven and a lust house. She gave BDSM and SM sessions. I was very much curious about it, so I made an appointment with her for a session. This was how it went like;

She had a bath there as well, actually I don’t know what she doesn’t have in her studio. After taking a shower I was called to a room. I had already discussed what I wanted i.e. getting fucked in the ass by a strap-on dildo.

She was standing there, looking plush, the huge dildo already on. I was forced to bend over like a dog and she put the tip of the dildo on my ass and gave a rough push. Stabs of pain rushed through my entire body, but it was also the best pain that I have ever felt. Half of her dildo was buried inside my asshole. Mistress Illucia stretched my ass painfully with her dildo as she fucked me like her slut.

“Reach over and feel my strap-on stretching your butthole, slut,” Mistress Illucia ordered

I reached over with difficulty, gasping in the intermingled pain and pleasure at the same time and felt for the dildo where it was buried inside my tight butthole. My asshole clenched her dildo. Mistress Illucia’s strap-on dildo delved in and out of me at an incredible pace and I moaned and groaned as she fucked me like a dog. I loved every second of it and came hard without even once touching myself! Up till now, I have had about eight sessions with her, having an incredible time in each one.

Rubber session

Melding van 29 december ’14 aan Meesteres Illucia (rubber)

Back into the womb:

Let me introduce myself first, my name is “Ruben” and I’m a lifetime Rubberist, divorced and single since two and a half year.  I visit Amsterdam regular for my job and about a year ago a fetish friend took me out to a big fetish event, that night I bumped into a beautiful woman with the name Mistress Illucia and she told me about her studio in Den Haag.

Back home, I was very impressed about the things she had told me that night, I visited her website and the website of the House of Submission and it was spot on, it was really beautiful. I made up my mind and took the phone to make an appointment, because two months later I should be back in Amsterdam again and arranged a few extra days stay at work, to visit that Mistress in Den Haag for a rubber session. This is how everything started and I have had four sessions till now and we have had great fun. During the last session I told her about one of my favorite rubber items I have at home, a very huge inflatable rubber balloon with two layers of rubber a big zip from top to bottom and an air tube which can be connected to a gasmask for breathing while you are inside. I asked her if it would be possible to bring it next time to have a session with it, because I can’t use it alone, she started laughing and said, “of course you can bring it, actually I look forward to it”. We quickly made the appointment for the next month and last Thursday I have had an incredibly wonderful session with it and here is my story.

New Rubber session

I arrived exactly at 14.00 and after greeting one and other she invited me in and asked me to be quiet because her colleague Mrs. Kate was busy in the front room. I followed Mrs. Illucia in silence to the other room where she asked me if I would like to have a drink before starting the session, “yes Mistress, a glass of water please”. We had a little chat while drinking our glasses and then the session began, I opened my suitcase and took out all my rubber stuff, the “balloon”, my catsuit and gasmask. The Mistress liked the quality of the balloon and told me that she had worked with such a thing before and knew how to handle it, she took an air compressor from a cabinet at the other side of the room and told me to change into my rubber while she filled the balloon with some air. I quickly took my clothes of and changed it for my rubber catsuit and my gasmask. When I was ready, the first half of the balloon was also filled with enough air and the Mistress told me to climb into it and make myself comfortable, while I rolled myself into the first half and it felt already wonderful, floating on air, in the mean time the Mistress filled the other half of the balloon with enough air and asked me if I was comfortable in my position. I answered that I was fine. “Okay, than I will put the second half of the balloon over you and close the zip, fit you breathing tube on your gasmask and let us check if you can breathe properly”, I did what the Mistress has told me and she put her hand in front of the other and of the tube, just outside the balloon, it was perfect because I couldn’t get any air and the Mistress was laughing. “Here we go”, she said and a minute later I was locked into the balloon while the air compressor was still working, I felt the inner rubber coming closer and closer around my body and when it is fully blown up you have the same feeling as being in a vacuum bed and can’t move a muscle, a wonderful feeling. When the air compressor stopped the Mistress asked me, “are you still alive in there?”, I’m feeling great Mistress, was my answer.”Good, because you will be in it the rest of the day and maybe the evening as well, or night, depend on how much fun Mistress Kate and me will have with you in the balloon”.

Fun with the balloon

I can tell everyone that I have survived that afternoon and that the Mistresses had great fun with the balloon, because I could hear them laughing while they played football with me and several times they closed my breathing tube while rolling me around in the room. Suddenly they stopped and I could hear them talking but together in Dutch, which I still don’t understand very good, I also heard a lot of noise, then they came back to me and Mistress Illucia told me, “we will roll you into the garden now, it is raining and that will clean the balloon because it is a bit dirty and meanwhile we will look at you from inside and smoke a cigarette with a cup of coffee”. They rolled me into the garden and I heard the raindrops on the rubber, luckily they put me in such a way that the breathing opening was somewhere on the bottom, because otherwise the rain will come into the tube, “have fun” and I could hear them walking away. It was a good shower according to the sound of the rain on the rubber, which made a lot of noise. I don’t know how long I was out in the garden, but the rain had stopped and the Mistresses came outside to roll me back into the studio where they dried the balloon with some towels before they rolled me further into the studio, where they played a little bit more with me. Then it stopped and Mistress Illucia asked me again if I still was okay and could be in it for another hour or so, “yes Mistress” was my answer, “good, than we will change our clothes and go to the snackbar for some food, would you like something too?” “no Mistress, thank you I’m okay”.

After a while alone with the music, I heard heels coming back into my direction, a moment later the zip got open and the part what was on top of me jumped up, while I looked into the smiling face of Mistress Illucia she told me to come slowly upright and out the balloon. “Did you had a nice time?”, she asked and my answer was, “yes, Mistress I had a fantastic time and it felt if I were back into my mother’s womb, thank you very much for this”. She said that they both, Mistress Kate and herself, had enjoyed it very much too and that she didn’t left me alone a while ago, they changed clothes and Mistress Kate left the studio alone and went home. Mistress Illucia gave me a hug and told me to take a shower and change clothes too, gave me a smack on my bum and told me to go while she would make some fresh coffee for us.

This was my story,

Thank you my very dear Mistress Illucia, I will meet you soon again.

Greetings, “Ruben”