Rubber session

Melding van 29 december ’14 aan Meesteres Illucia (rubber)

Back into the womb:

Let me introduce myself first, my name is “Ruben” and I’m a lifetime Rubberist, divorced and single since two and a half year.  I visit Amsterdam regular for my job and about a year ago a fetish friend took me out to a big fetish event, that night I bumped into a beautiful woman with the name Mistress Illucia and she told me about her studio in Den Haag.

Back home, I was very impressed about the things she had told me that night, I visited her website and the website of the House of Submission and it was spot on, it was really beautiful. I made up my mind and took the phone to make an appointment, because two months later I should be back in Amsterdam again and arranged a few extra days stay at work, to visit that Mistress in Den Haag for a rubber session. This is how everything started and I have had four sessions till now and we have had great fun. During the last session I told her about one of my favorite rubber items I have at home, a very huge inflatable rubber balloon with two layers of rubber a big zip from top to bottom and an air tube which can be connected to a gasmask for breathing while you are inside. I asked her if it would be possible to bring it next time to have a session with it, because I can’t use it alone, she started laughing and said, “of course you can bring it, actually I look forward to it”. We quickly made the appointment for the next month and last Thursday I have had an incredibly wonderful session with it and here is my story.

New Rubber session

I arrived exactly at 14.00 and after greeting one and other she invited me in and asked me to be quiet because her colleague Mrs. Kate was busy in the front room. I followed Mrs. Illucia in silence to the other room where she asked me if I would like to have a drink before starting the session, “yes Mistress, a glass of water please”. We had a little chat while drinking our glasses and then the session began, I opened my suitcase and took out all my rubber stuff, the “balloon”, my catsuit and gasmask. The Mistress liked the quality of the balloon and told me that she had worked with such a thing before and knew how to handle it, she took an air compressor from a cabinet at the other side of the room and told me to change into my rubber while she filled the balloon with some air. I quickly took my clothes of and changed it for my rubber catsuit and my gasmask. When I was ready, the first half of the balloon was also filled with enough air and the Mistress told me to climb into it and make myself comfortable, while I rolled myself into the first half and it felt already wonderful, floating on air, in the mean time the Mistress filled the other half of the balloon with enough air and asked me if I was comfortable in my position. I answered that I was fine. “Okay, than I will put the second half of the balloon over you and close the zip, fit you breathing tube on your gasmask and let us check if you can breathe properly”, I did what the Mistress has told me and she put her hand in front of the other and of the tube, just outside the balloon, it was perfect because I couldn’t get any air and the Mistress was laughing. “Here we go”, she said and a minute later I was locked into the balloon while the air compressor was still working, I felt the inner rubber coming closer and closer around my body and when it is fully blown up you have the same feeling as being in a vacuum bed and can’t move a muscle, a wonderful feeling. When the air compressor stopped the Mistress asked me, “are you still alive in there?”, I’m feeling great Mistress, was my answer.”Good, because you will be in it the rest of the day and maybe the evening as well, or night, depend on how much fun Mistress Kate and me will have with you in the balloon”.

Fun with the balloon

I can tell everyone that I have survived that afternoon and that the Mistresses had great fun with the balloon, because I could hear them laughing while they played football with me and several times they closed my breathing tube while rolling me around in the room. Suddenly they stopped and I could hear them talking but together in Dutch, which I still don’t understand very good, I also heard a lot of noise, then they came back to me and Mistress Illucia told me, “we will roll you into the garden now, it is raining and that will clean the balloon because it is a bit dirty and meanwhile we will look at you from inside and smoke a cigarette with a cup of coffee”. They rolled me into the garden and I heard the raindrops on the rubber, luckily they put me in such a way that the breathing opening was somewhere on the bottom, because otherwise the rain will come into the tube, “have fun” and I could hear them walking away. It was a good shower according to the sound of the rain on the rubber, which made a lot of noise. I don’t know how long I was out in the garden, but the rain had stopped and the Mistresses came outside to roll me back into the studio where they dried the balloon with some towels before they rolled me further into the studio, where they played a little bit more with me. Then it stopped and Mistress Illucia asked me again if I still was okay and could be in it for another hour or so, “yes Mistress” was my answer, “good, than we will change our clothes and go to the snackbar for some food, would you like something too?” “no Mistress, thank you I’m okay”.

After a while alone with the music, I heard heels coming back into my direction, a moment later the zip got open and the part what was on top of me jumped up, while I looked into the smiling face of Mistress Illucia she told me to come slowly upright and out the balloon. “Did you had a nice time?”, she asked and my answer was, “yes, Mistress I had a fantastic time and it felt if I were back into my mother’s womb, thank you very much for this”. She said that they both, Mistress Kate and herself, had enjoyed it very much too and that she didn’t left me alone a while ago, they changed clothes and Mistress Kate left the studio alone and went home. Mistress Illucia gave me a hug and told me to take a shower and change clothes too, gave me a smack on my bum and told me to go while she would make some fresh coffee for us.

This was my story,

Thank you my very dear Mistress Illucia, I will meet you soon again.

Greetings, “Ruben” 


Report for my Mistress Illucia, August 19

As you might know, I am Dutch and write weekly in my language a report to my Mistress, so please forgive me if you see a mistake in it, but I am sure that you will understand everything.
Last week I had a special assignment from my Mistress and She permitted me to skip last week’s report, but for this week it is my task to write my report in the English language and it will be placed on Her renewed website, specially for you, English speaking, BDSM lovers.
We also have contact by phone, more or less every week, to discuss the things I wrote in my report from that week. So last Tuesday She rang, just before I needed to go to work and we talked about a few things and surprisingly for me, She ordered me to come the next day, Wednesday, at 14.30 hour to the Studio for a session. Normally I book every month a session, but this month I did not, yet.

But now my Mistress took the decision for me and I was very happy, as you can imagine. Although it was on short notice, because I still had a lot of things to do, as; to go working till 22.00 hour, to finish my special assignment after coming home and the next day to prepare myself (good shower and shave all necessary parts of the body) and last but not least, packing my bag with all kind of rubber and make sure that I don’t forget something and all those things together makes it very excited for this slave.
Wednesday morning: I started my daily routine as usual, some coffees with cigarettes and went to the bathroom for a shower and a good shave with special attention for the private parts of the body, dressed myself and started packing the bag with my rubber, while doing this, I checked it because everything need to be shiny polished. I also put in the bag my leather head harness and don’t ask me why, because I cannot give a reason, She asked to bring rubber with me and She didn’t spoke about leather, but I will tell you more about it later. After everything was done, I felt a bit hungry because I didn’t gave myself time for breakfast and it didn’t surprised me that it was almost 12.00 o’clock, so I quickly made myself a brunch, when I had finished it and did the washing-up, there was still a good hour to wait “relaxed” for me before I had to leave direction the Studio in The Hague, so I took another cup of coffee and smoked a cigarette, around 13.30 hour I took my bag and left home, unknowing what will happen with me the coming hours.
I was just in my car, when I got a text message on my phone, it was my Mistress, She asked me to bring Her something from the snack bar near the Studio, I quickly wrote Her the answer that I would have it with me by arrival and I left direction The Hague. I was even a few minutes early, because there was not much traffic on the road, due to the holiday time in the Netherlands. The man at the reception, who knows me already, opened the door and told me that my Mistress was at the swimming pool bar, when I arrived there, the door was open and I could hear my Mistress talking with other people, so I knocked the door first before I went into the swimming pool area and forgot to wait for the answer to come in, a not so good start and She send me back, to knock again and wait for Her answer to come in, which I quickly did. And lucky for me the other people were well known by me, because that was Mistress Kate and Her slave m. my mistake from the begin is most probably forgiven by my Mistress because she didn’t said a word about it, so I think She was in a good mood.
I gave my Mistress the food I brought with me and kneeled down in front of Her for my usual greeting, by kissing Her shoes, she called me to get up and kneel down again, but now in front of

Mistress Kate for the same routine, after this She ordered me to make a coffee for Her and Mistress Kate wanted a Cola light, slave m. was fine he was holding a glass of water in his hand and I could also take something to drink.
My Mistress was eating and in the mean time we were chatting about a lot of things, after a while Mistress Kate and slave m. went upstairs, for what I thought, a session. But when they were gone my Mistress told me that they also had something to celebrate, it was today exactly a year ago that slave m. was given his collar by Mistress Kate and my Mistress showed me a painting made by slave m. in BDSM style as a gift to his Mistress. We were both still chatting, when Mistress Kate and slave m. came back in the swimming pool area, but now slave m. was dressed up in a nice green rubber dress to show us and I understood that the dress was a gift from Mistress Kate for this celebration. After a while slave m. was send upstairs to change clothes before he could start with cleaning the play rooms and a few minutes later Mistress Kate left the bar as well, because a other client appeared for a session, leaving us, Mistress Illucia and me, behind at the bar were we talked about the dead of Friso, our King’s brother, but suddenly my Mistress send me as well upstairs to change into my rubber catsuit and told me to come down again when ready. The session has been started!!

Quickly to the play room to change into my rubber and about 15 minutes later I appeared dressed up in my shiny rubber catsuit at the pool bar where my Mistress was waiting. She told me to take a glass of water and in the mean time She left to the front desk for a cup of coffee, after coming back we discussed some things while She was drinking Her coffee. Then She told me to refill my glass with water and follow Her to the play room.
She ordered me to put on my gasmask and now it comes, She asked me if I had the “leather head harness” with me, where I spoke about earlier in this story. I confirmed that the harness was in my bag and gave it to Her, She also asked for the long rubber breathing hose, luckily I took this item with me as well and I could hand it out to my Mistress. She ordered me to stay near the bondage bed and came to me with a beautiful rubber body bag, which She put over my shoulders and told me carefully to lay down on the bed where after my arms and feet were tucked in the bag and before

She closed the zipper up to my neck, She opened the zippers from my catsuit for access to my nipples and crotch. It was a very tight fitted body bag, so I could not move a muscle packed in this bag and I was complete in the hands of my Mistress from this moment, but I trust Her for more than 100 % and started to enjoy my stay in this rubber prison and waited for what will come next and I didn’t had to wait very long, because the next thing was the head harness She put over my gasmask and tied it with a rope to the bed, where after I could not move my head too. But this was still not enough for my Mistress and She started with a bondage for further fixation of my body and the ropes were so tied over my body, that even breathing became more difficult for me. It still was not enough for Her, She put a rope true the rings in my nipples and pulled them up where after She tied the rope at the top of the bed, now She took my balls and penis in Her hands and tied another rope very tight around them. She also blindfolded me with a pair of rubber lids, I brought with me, to cover the lenses of the gasmask and told me to relax for a while and I was left alone in complete darkness, tight fixed to the bed, waiting for what will come next.

I dosed off several times enjoying this heavy bondage, but my Mistress woke me up several times by holding Her hand over the breathing tube in such way that the air was blocked and my gasmask sucked close to my face for a while and sometimes She hit my balls or nipples. So for real relaxing there was no time, but it was very exciting for me and there was more to come, I can tell you now while writing this. I lost time completely, but suddenly my Mistress took my right nipple in Her hand and placed a very nasty nipple clamp on it, a loud groan came over my lips subdued by my gasmask, but my Mistress didn’t liked it, I think, because she left for a second to turn up the music in such way that more groans from this slave will not disturb Her anymore. But still, when She put a nipple clamp on the other nipple, another loud groan past my lips, but I think my Mistress didn’t hear it now by the loud music and even pulled on them, what made me scream very loud of pain, but the only reaction from my Mistress was that She pulled even more on them and I think She enjoyed it very much and so did I, although my screaming and groans. If the torture should be too much for me, I always could ask for mercy. Suddenly She stopped and placed Her attention to the crotch area, because I felt Her hand enclosing my balls and pulled them up, what caused a warm pain going to my stomach and I started groaning again in my gasmask and was gasping for air. But my Mistress took no notice of it and kept going on with torturing my balls and suddenly I also felt the pain of small needles in the skin of my balls and nipple area as well and a shiver went true my body, for as far as possible, due to my bondage what didn’t left much space for a shiver. Now my penis came into play, because She pushed down the skin of my penis and I felt something cold at the top, I didn’t know what was happening with me, because I could not look due to the bondage where I was in, the cold changed into a warm feeling and I felt something was pushed into the urethra, I know the names; urethra and dilator as a SM lover but have no experience with such things, but it was a very nice experience and it was not to painful for me. But all the things together, tight bondage, the nipple and ball torture by stretching and needles made me breathing very heavy true my mouth and made my tongue and lips feel like leather, plus the fact that I have been sweating very much in the rubber prison and also my right foot started getting num, I came to the conclusion to ask for some water. And in answer for this request, my Mistress asked me if this was a call for mercy and with my hesitantly answer “yes Mistress a sort of” the session came to a end. A few minutes later I was sitting on the bondage bed with a glass of water and did some exercises to get life back into my right foot, what soon happened and She asked me to come carefully from the bed, where after She helped me to open the zipper of my catsuit at the back and I could undress and take a shower and put on my normal clothes before cleaning the bondage bed and the rubber body bag for my Mistress. In the mean time my Mistress was changed from Her beautiful rubber dress into Her normal street-wear too and we went down to the pool bar for a Cola and a cigarette while talking-over the today’s session and luckily we came to the same conclusion; “we have enjoyed it both, very much !!”

My Mistress asked me to drive Her home and this report in the English language is the result of the conversation we had in the car, while driving Her home.
Hope that you liked this true story and if you do, please write a comment to my Mistress Illucia and maybe there will be more to read in your language soon.

With love to my Mistress Illucia,
Your ocinfaals