Punishment Session

Have you been sleeping around? Been a sluggard? Had an argument with your wife or you girlfiend? Ignored assignments from your Mistress? Didn’t clean up you mess? Talking back to your Mistress? Been wanking for hours watching porn and thus forgetting an appointment?
There is only one word for this: Outrageous!!!
There is only one solution for this: corporal punishment!
You will report for a punishment session, confess to your sins and undergo this. Afterwards you leave the premises with a clean slate and a lot of good intentions (that also will lesd to something).
Don’t give up preferences. No bondage or role play. No comforting caresses, you will have to bear this as a man (or woman, this is also possible). No orgasms in any way whatsoever. It is a given that you will receive some (temporary) marks on your torso and your ass. Holding myself back is not an option.
The session lasts an hour, shower in advance is obligatory and possible in our Studio. When you arrive without a written order from you wife/girlfriend/Mistress the session costs 180 euro. When you do have such an order this session costs 160 euro.