Punishment Session

Hey there slave, I do hope you realize that you are here now with the Mistress for a PUNISHMENT session? That is punishment with capital letters. That is punishment that is not meant to be fun, but is imposed and carried out to teach you a lesson, as a stand, in the hope of improvement. Not the nice, tasty kind of punishment where you can call for mercy at every moment. Well, you can call for it of course, as long as I don’t gag you, but I will not pay any attention to it. Yelling is allowed, but I know no mercy if you have deserved punishment. When you scream, I will know that I just have to continue the judicial beating some more, because you didn’t come here for nothing and you will have to learn your lesson.

During a penalty session with Mistress Illucia, you will be mercilessly dealt with and only hard punishment will apply! Torture in the true sense of the word. If you have experienced the whip or cane as pleasant so far, you will now experience that it can also be different… A punishment session really isn’t pleasant, but pure punishment. Pain and pleasure. Pain for you and pleasure for me.

If you arrange the punishment session on behalf of your own Master or Mistress, I will of course strictly adhere to how they want me to punish you. Maybe they leave the interpretation of your punishment session to my own experience and insight and I, therefore, have the free hand to punish you as I wish. Gentle surgeons make stinking wounds, so they say sometimes and today I am your mistress. No matter how hard you scream or try to get out of it, no mercy.

If you do not come on assignment, but of your own accord, I naturally also want to be able to do my own thing. No wish list of how you want to be punished. I also do not consider a possible fetish of you. So know where you start! We briefly discuss the reason or reasons why you think you have earned your sentence and I then determine the penalty.

Keep in mind that after a criminal session you will probably leave my SM studio with traces on your body, because I do not intervene in any way during such a session.
We have now outgrown the age of criminal rules. This is the hard approach. Those who do not want to listen must feel. And you will feel, I guarantee you! Probably also a few days later …