Public Game

All eyes on you. Not because you’re a celebrity, but just because I like to expose you to all my guests. Every visitor of SM club House of SubMission in The Hague can see you now. And of course you also like it, this public SM play, if only to please your Mistress and to satisfy her. Even though you can not even see her at the moment, with your blindfold. Everyone can see you though, in the middle of the studio’s large space, tied in bondage to the pole. What would your Mistress look like, because you heard that she was dressing when there was no audience yet, when you were alone in the room with her. And how would she look at you now… proud, critically inspecting, amused? Or maybe she is not looking at all, too busy with her guests and leaving you to your fate?

As an exhibitionist, you probably would like to know how many people are present, who can look at you. Will the Mistress take off your blindfold? You hear her voice close to you, sharp nails are stuck in your nipples, but are they hers? You think so, but now you hear her invite someone else to feel if you have an erection… the nails continue to torture your nipples while someone’s other hands squeeze your balls and strike your cock back and forth. Which hands, whose hands? Male or female, you don’t know. You hear people laughing. Are they laughing at you? How many people are there anyway?

Suddenly the blindfold is pulled away and you have to get used to the light. You don’t see anything yet but you do hear the swishing sound of a whip, immediately followed by cutting pain on your back. Right in front of you, you see your Mistress with the blindfold in one hand and the other hand still playing with your nipple. Next to her, on her knees and also blindfolded, is a female slave who still pinches and strokes your rock hard cock and balls alternately.

Swwoooosshh, another lashing blow on your back that causes a fierce, short pain. Someone hits you from behind with a whip, but you can’t see who.

Then the Mistress orders the female to leave and forces you on your knees. On all fours you have to crawl through the room with the Mistress on your back. Greeting everyone properly by respectfully kissing the shoes of every visitor. To encourage you a little more, the Mistress keeps you going, hitting you with her riding crop on your bare bottom. If you do not kiss the shoes well or fast enough, the male or female owner is allowed to give you a short punishment of their own choice, so the Mistress decides.

So… eventually you will know exactly how many people are present, how many people have seen the public SM game between you and your Mistress. But if that’s something to be happy about? Your fate is in your own hands. So crawl quickly to everyone and make sure to submissively kiss all the shoes without getting tired of the weight of the Mistress on your back. And you very well know… as a slave or sub you always do it wrong, no matter what. Especially with a large audience like this!

Don’t you have issues with stage fright and also want to be in the spotlight? Well, the stage can be yours…