Pony Play

Do you have a strong back? And strong knees? You absolutely need them for intensive pony play with me in my SM studio. Not that I am that heavy, but with the Mistress on your back you can show me what tricks you can do as my human horse. Horse riding in all kinds of ways: walking, step by step, if you are very strong we can try trot, stand still, front and hind leg aside, first left, then right. Then left front leg, right hind leg, then vice versa. A round to the left, a round to the right and then some tricks on the spot.

In any case, you won’t get bored easily, because I’m keeping you busy, sending you in all directions. Show me how high you can prance, but be careful not to throw the Mistress off your back! And with my weight on top of you, that will not be easy in the long run. Maybe I’m sitting on a nice leather saddle, or perhaps I’m sitting directly on your back, with only a thin piece of latex in between. Do you feel the weight of my buttocks and my thighs that cling tightly around your body?

If you do not perform well enough as my human horse, I obviously have all kinds of attributes at my disposal that support me as your rider. A riding crop to boost your pace, a dressage whip or lunging whip to teach you to walk neatly and of course my riding boots with spurs. So you’d better watch out to make sure to be a good horsy who does his best, otherwise, I will have to train you strictly!

It is understandable if you get distracted by your beautiful Mistress, but I use blinkers for that. A beautiful horse mask with mouth bit will ensure that I can steer you well. Or you can bite it to ease your pain, should it be necessary to punish you once more with my whip or spurs and let you feel who is the boss.

But for good, obedient horses and ponies I have of course a nice treat at hand. I will release you from your mouth bit and you’ll get a tasty juicy carrot. Or if you’ve done your utmost best, maybe you are allowed to eat a few sugar cubes from my hand. But be very careful not to bite me, or I’ll turn into a strict amazone in a fraction of a second, who will teach her pony how to behave with all means available.

Do you want to give me your reins? Ready to be saddled up and carry my weight?