SM session for newbies

Have you always wanted to know what it’s like to serve a mistress, but did not dare to take the step yet?

Maybe you think it’s too scary, too weird, too dangerous, or maybe the proverbial threshold is too high? Before I start an SM session, I always have an intake interview with new guests, in which we discuss your wishes, your limits and your expectations. With visitors for whom it will be the very first experience with SM, I of course plan extra time and I am extra careful.

Based on our conversation I can introduce you in a safe way within a secure environment into all aspects of BDSM, with all the ins and outs of bondage, dominance, sadism, submission and masochism, depending on your interest(s). We agree on safe words and stop words so that you can indicate at any time when something gets too much for you or when you do not want to go any further and just want to end the session.

So, are you the one who determines everything? No, of course not! I am the Mistress and I will determine the course of the game, but everything will be within your possibilities or limits. You bet that there will be enough dominance from my side to let you go home with a very submissive or slavish feeling. With at least a pleasant and safe first SM experience, so that you are open to a possible follow-up. Unless of course SM is not your cup of tea at all, which is rare once you’ve met Me! unfortunately it happens more than once that people who are curious about SM, gain their first experience with “hobby dominatrixes”, who think that every woman with a whip in her hand is a Mistress. Women who think: the harder you hit, the better it is …

Humiliating people, while they are actually only masochists. Or physically torturing people, who only have a fetish for transvestism and are of the submissive, serving type and refrain from pain. Not making good arrangements, misjudging guests. Tying someone up right away, while there is no conversation at all beforehand, no intake, let alone that there is something like trust… Many starting slaves have gained an unpleasant or even traumatic first SM experience in this way. Very unfortunate and absolutely unnecessary!

It will certainly not happen to you at my place because of my years of experience as a professional Mistress in a very well-equipped SM studio in The Hague!

Over the years, I have been fortunate to introduce a lot of people into this beautiful world of pain and pleasure, of power and submission. Many have gone this path before you. Do you follow? You are most welcome in the studio! Just crawl behind me… on all fours…