Nipple Torture

Watch as I slowly move the Wartenberg nipple wheel over your nipple and push the sharp pins deep into your flesh. Yes, you could call nipple torture as a separate form of torture as one of my favorites. Keep your head down and keep watching, at my razor-sharp, red-painted long nails. Watch them scratching up your chest, towards your nipples. See, and feel, how I take your areola between thumb and index finger and slowly start to pinch. First turning your nipples back and forth, then gently squeezing again, harder, even harder and even harder. Until you think it can’t get any worse. And then it turns out I can do it worse, yet a little bit harder, just as long till you throw your head backward in a scream of pain.

Just a short break and then it’s time to use my nails. Just look down again, at your chest and at my long sharp nails. Show me and tell me what you think of them. They are beautiful, aren’t they? Do you feel the difference when I hold your nipples in between the side of my nails, squeeze them, or when I try to crush them between the mean and sharp tips of my nails? What do you like more? Judging by your groans and moans you like everything the Mistress does… 😉 But are those moans from pain or from pleasure?

Maybe I should add some nipple clamps? So that in the meantime I can deal with you in other ways? For example, in finding a set of nice weights that I can attach to the nipple clamps. Or I could already prepare a number of needles, which I can put through your nipples if it turns out that you can’t get enough of my torture.

You just prepare mentally on what might be coming your way… I will concentrate on your nipples.