Nipple Torture

Luckily this time for ladies too, because of course we serve both sexes. These parts of the human body are extremely suitable for being tortured and for the lovers the pain this causes will, most of the times, give a great sexual boost and thus pleasure!
Again, there are so many possibilities. I could almost go on for ever but my space is limited. So I will only give you some examples and leave the rest to your imagination and let you fantasize of what you would let me do to your nipples.
They can be subjected to needles, can be clamped (enough beautiful clamps at hand in the Studio), they can be sucked into a vacuum state, “the so called cupping”, but you could also pull them, bite them or put yours nails into them. And so on and so on… I know my way around this!! And what about electrical wires connected from your nipples to your dick or vaginal lips, by now you will know what passes through, right…..electricity. You’re a fast pupil