Needles. You can push them through anything and press them anywhere. Especially when the needles are strong enough, stronger than the material they go through. So your skin, for example, in any place, is no problem for me. Or rather for my needles. All neatly sterilized and absolutely clean, of course, straight from the package.

I like to pierce you in all kinds of places in your body. Maybe because combined with a colored ribbon a beautiful work of art can be made, covering your entire back for example. Or maybe because it’s just what I like to do as a sadistic Mistress, piercing with a needle through sensitive spots, just because it hurts a lot. And it’s nice to see how you might react to it in advance, full of fear.

Where the average slave or sub can handle quite some needles through, for example, the nipples, ball sack or labia, this can be different when the pain threshold is already stretched with needles through the glans, clitoris, or in the tip of the fingers, right there where the nails start to grow. Just to name a few. You can stick needles really in the oddest places. The idea alone scares many people almost to death. Everything remains an idea then; the pain and fear of such an experience take place only in the head. Such a shame, because in retrospect the real actual experience often feels relatively mild and it feels like no more than a pinprick. In that respect, needle play within an SM session is very suitable for a decent portion of a mindfuck.

But it would be a shame, now that you are here, just to leave it at an idea. So close your eyes and first experience the feeling, the pain, the sensation of the first needle passing through your skin. And the second, of course, the third, the fourth. You can watch in just a minute and it will become even more exciting then. The moment when you see how I put the needle on your skin, but don’t push it through yet. You feel the needle, just no pain. Until I press a little harder… you see the skin giving in. A stinging feel and then… you still don’t feel any pain really, but you see the needle going further and further through your skin untill it comes out again on the other side. A dull and small pain, very light, like the sting of an insect, or a vaccination puncture in the hospital.

Are you ready for your next vaccination appointment?