Mistresses Hour

Where this is often not possible, you can find it at my place: surprise and a light pressure on your ego during Mistress’s Hour. Do you want to prove yourself to me or yourself, are you in for total ignorance and surrender and do you want to join me in my rollercoaster?

Normally I ask in advance what triggers you, what your desires are, what your fetish is, what wishes you have … I don’t do that during the Mistress’ Hour. The only thing I want to know about you is whether you are healthy and whether you can come home with some bruises and other traces of your visit to me. You also give me carte blanche so I can do anything I want with you and not the other way around.

During such an SM session I have my way with you, playing with you to my own satisfaction, in my own way without taking into account your preferences. You just have to undergo like a real slave, submissive and powerless. If I want to hit you, I will do so and I will also decide whether I want to do it with a whip, a paddle, a carpet beater, a cane or with my bare hands as a spanking or faceslapping. Or maybe I want to hurt you by using clamps and weights, or with needles, or CBT or nipple torture. But you might as well experience an SM session without any pain, just because I don’t feel like it. I might want to use you as as a humiliation slut by abusing you anal or by letting you lick my boots clean.

It is just what I feel like at that moment and you don’t have any say in it as a slave or submissive. You do have the right to ask for mercy twice. During the Mistress Hour, too, safety and trust are of course first priority and I do not want to push any hard limits under any circumstances whatsoever, let alone cross or ignore them. But should you ask for mercy a third time, the interactive session will stop and you will be locked up in the SM studio for the remainder of the sessiontime.

The cost of a Mistress Hour session is the same as a ‘normal’ BDSM session, though you get an extra 15 minutes. Free of charge! Just because I am so wonderful and sweet! Sweet… sometimes. Whether I am so sweet with you? Let me surprise you and time will tell…! 😉