Mindfuck is always fun to do in an SM session. What could be more fun than to fool someone at times? “Playing tricks with the mind”… It appeals to me as a Mistress to have total power over you as a slave or submissive. By mastering your thoughts and playing with them I make you totally powerless. Thoughts are free, but in a psychological game as a mindfuck, the Mistress “simply” takes possession of your thoughts and sends you in all directions except the right ones. Or maybe not… and it still is the right way. You never know, is it true or not?

The doubt in your eyes, lovely for me to see. Of course, you don’t doubt the Mistress, or what she says. But is she sending you on the wrong track now, or not …?

You do not know what to do, you are totally insecure. What should you do? You have been handed over to me completely without control. But you don’t get any wiser from me either in this mindfuck game; on the contrary. I am very happy to contribute a little more to the chaos in your head. The only one who oversees everything is me, your Mistress.

To take things a step further, I may also decide to take away your senses. With earplugs and a blindfold you have no more awareness of time and space, or what is happening around you. You have to wait and see if, when and how I touch you. Wait and see what I’m going to do with you. Threatening you with a long-term tight bondage, or severe pain from a caning. But does it stop with a threat? And is it me who is threatening you, is it the Mistress’s voice? Or is it someone else? Do you feel three hands now? Or four? Are you still in the SM club anyway? In studio House of SubMission? Totally lost of all senses, it could even be that you are in Rotterdam instead of in The Hague.

You never know… until you experience it yourself. And then the real doubt starts, or does it only seem so? 😉