What are you thinking about, slave? What’s in your mind? Fantasies, fears, wondering what’s going on? You’ve just entered the SM studio in The Hague, ready to start an exciting SM session with Mistress Illucia. Well, exciting? At least that’s what you hope for. But actually you have no clue… you have made an appointment for the so-called Mistresses’ Hour, during which the Mistress fully determines what will happen. Just that is exciting enough on its own of course, but also frightful.

Will the Mistress torture you, for example by painfully planting her nails into your nipples? Or will she beat your buttocks with a cane or a mean whip until they’re red? Or is the Mistress in a somewhat more sensual mood and will you be allowed to worship her feet, or lick her boots? Will she take into account your fetish for bondage and rubber this time? Perhaps you even may cum at the end of the session, when you have to jerk off obligatory in front of the Mistress.

All kinds of wicked thoughts go through your head back and forth, now that you are in front of her. But it actually started at home this morning already, when you prepared for the trip to The Hague. And before that, when visiting her website. But now, in the SM studio, looking your Mistress straight in the eye, smelling her lovely scent and having her so close that you could touch her… now you wonder if all the stories you’ve told yourself last week are that much fun in reality as well. Maybe even more fun? Or no fun at all for real; only fun and pleasure in your imagination.

The beautiful thing about BDSM is that, whatever role you choose, you can crawl into it. And just literally crawling is a possibility also, of course. On your bare knees over the hard floor of the SM studio. With the Mistress on your back if you want to be a pony. Or another animal, a little dog for example. Whether brave or naughty doggies, the Mistress knows how to deal with them.

Have you ever had a secret, hidden desire to feel like a woman? Beautifully dressed and with make up like a real lady? Or would you rather walk the streets like an ordinary horny snool?

But well, whatever you’ve thought of yourself, you don’t know what’s going to happen to you within the Mistresses’ Hour. The Mistress has even told you in advance that she will test your limits and she might even expand them and raise the bar. Did she really mean that? Or is she playing a mental game with you too? Is it all just a good mindfuck and nothing serious going on really?

If it’s no longer, you’ll always have your stuff, but you’d like to use it anyway. That’s what your slave servant has to do.

Suddenly you realize that even this mimic and just seems to be just pure mental again. All that matters, that’s really is here and now. This moment. Here in The Hague. In the SM studio. Right opposite the Mistress.
And here and now you decide to surrender to her in full confidence.