Housemaid / Servant

Do you dream of belonging to my inner circle of most loyal slaves? Well-trained and educated, exactly as I want it? Often it takes years before all the rough edges are cut off, or in your case better: beaten off… but without those rough edges there is finally a nicely formed submissive left over. Nicely shaped to the hand of the Mistress. Totally obedient to me. Serving and worshipping me.

Those are the male and female slaves who can count themselves among the ‘happy few’. The exquisite stable of my faithful servants, whom I occasionally invite to serve me and my guests. That can be at a fetish or BDSM party in the SM club HouseOfSubMission in The Hague, where my SM studio is, but it may also be that I want to use you for a private party. For example at my private home.

Shaped to my hand doesn’t necessarily mean that I will never have to correct you again. Everyone makes mistakes (except for the Mistress…) and there is always something new to learn. That is why a corrective tap with the flat hand in your face, or a hard judicial beating with the cane or whip in case of more serious offenses, is often necessary. As my business card, I want you to give my guests the utmost attention and best possible treatment.

Your presentation is also important. That is why there is a dress code that I have prescribed for you, which you strictly adhere to. Depending on the type of party or dinner, such a dress code can be from nude to chic. It may be that you are the only servant, all responsibility on your shoulders. These are the occasions with a few guests. But at larger parties, I obviously invite more people and you will work together with several other slaves. Usually, you will then be assigned a specific task.

Maybe I take into account what you like, maybe not. For example, I could use you to receive the guests, accept jackets, serve snacks, pour drinks. You make sure my guests lack nothing. You pay attention that everything is clean, including the toilets. Maybe it will get a bit kinkier and my guests will want to use as their own human toilet! Or they need a human ashtray or a footstool. But even as human furniture, after a party, you ensure that everything is neat and tidy, so that the Mistress does not have to worry about it.

Are you such a willing subject who is totally into pleasing and serving me and my guests? In any way whatsoever, BDSM related, sexual, formal, accomplishing all my assignments meekly? Do you want to belong to my happy few? Everything starts with a first step, over the threshold of the SM studio in The Hague. That is how all my slaves and sluts start.