Maid / Servant

This is only within reach for the happy few. In my stable with well trained slaves I sometimes select a few who can serve me and my guests. Maybe this honour will fall upon you sometime.
You will strictly hold you to the dress code I require. This can be from completly naked to very chique depending on the theme of the party or dinner. At a big party you will work together with several slaves slaves and you will be given a specific task. At a dinner with a few guests you will operate alone.
You will receive the guests correctly and take their coats and such and hang them up neatly. You will provid everone with snacks and drinks in such a way that you are not constantly visible but at hand when needed. Furthermore you will tend to the toilets and clean up afterwards.
There’s a chance that during service suddenly you’ll be hit on your ass or a hand will be tucked in your trousers or under your skirt. It’s also possible that a sexual favour is required and you’ll be giving oral pleasure under the table or serving open and exposed on top of the table