Of course, SM or BDSM is not just about pain and humiliation, or power and submission. There is a strong sensual and sexual aspect about it, sometimes evoked by a certain fetish, sometimes by a feeling of powerlessness or by complete surrender. Surrender to the Mistress, surrender to the moment. Maybe the moment you are in the studio in The Hague, in front of me, your Mistress.

“First sit down on your knees. And bend over to kiss the tip of my boot. Worship my boot, slowly upwards. Kiss, caress, lick my boot. Pretend it to be the most beautiful and sexy boot you have ever seen. And maybe that might even be true…. Hahahaha. ”

As you lick the leather, I can pinch your nipples between my thumb and indexfinger. While doing so, I can also easily pull you up. Or push you down if I want to, if you don’t lick fast enough to my liking. Let’s see if squeezing your nipples also has an effect on your penis. With most slaves, something happens down there. Ohhhh, with you too, I see! Shall we see what happens when I tie your cock and balls very tightly? Yes, let’s do that, right?

Your cock even gets harder, do you see? Just look at your dick. And take a good look at how I decorate your balls with clothespins. Completely full, as many as possible. How many do you think are possible? And when I’m done, I’ll allow you to jerk off for the Mistress. Show me how quickly you can cum. But remember, you only cum when I say so, when I have given you permission! Well, that is something completely different, right? Jerking off on command, instead of secretly jerking off in the bathroom, all by yourself.

Yeah, come on, just cum, over my leather boots. I allow you. But everything that comes out of your dick, you will lick up again! From my boot and from the floor! I don’t want to see a single drop when you’re done!

Now just bend over, over the bondage bench. Then I will introduce you to my penis, the Mistress’s Cock. A big, thick strapon. It never gets slack, but it does not spray cum either. So I’ll make it easy for you… at least you don’t have to lick the sperm from that one. Unless you cum again when I fuck your ass off and you mess up again.

Do you feel me pushing yet? And do you feel my latex glove around your cock? Back and forth, deep into that slave cunt of you with my rubber artificial penis. And back and forth with my glove over your big cock. Despite the pain of the pegs, still squeezing your scrotum, you apparently are excited enough. You know what to do, don’t you? Cumming once more means cleaning again!

Yes, come on… do it one more time…