I love leather and I think you do too? Isn’t it lovely to feel the leather with the tips of your fingers. The structure, sometimes a bit chunky and rough, sometimes supple and smooth. Then again hard and rigid as with thick saddle leather, then soft and flexible as for example with a nice pair of leather pants or leather skirt. First with your fingertips and then with your whole hand, slowly caressing and feeling that fine material. Learn on the skin, warm and soft from the body underneath and leather objects on their own, cold at first, but quickly adapting to your warmth.

Do you feel you warm? Or do you even get hot already from all that leather?

As a Mistress I like to use all kinds of materials made out of leather. The SM studio in The Hague is full of leather objects. That way you as a leather fetishist can have a great time. Whether you want to be completely dressed in leather, or you want to be kept in leather cuffs and a leather body bag, completed with a leather mask over your head so you can also smell the material of your fetish, or you prefer to taste it with a leather ballgag in your mouth or by licking my leather boots … it’s all possible. The possibilities are endless.

I can hurt and torture you by a heavy spanking with leather gloves, or a strict faceslapping where you can worship the leather fingers in between each slap, while your glowing cheeks can cool off in the meantime. I’ll be more than happy to continue on your colored buttocks with a leather whip or paddle. Whether you will be as happy as me? It’s hard to judge… with that ballgag in your mouth I don’t understand the noises you make. Are they cries of joy or cries of pain? I honestly don’t know, but I don’t really care much either. 😉

Of course, the Mistress is also completely dressed in leather. High leather boots with sharp heels, which you can now see and smell well, while you lie over her knee. The knee that is clad in red leather pants. Above that she wears a tight corset of black leather, accentuating her slim waist beautifully. Actually you can not see that now, with your head down, but earlier on you have seen the Mistress walking around like this.

At this moment you only see the black leather boots, right in front of your eyes. You just hope that you don’t get a leather blindfold or a leather mask. Then you can at least continue to look at those delicious boots. A meager consolation for the pain shoots that continuously go through your buttocks with every blow the Mistress gives you. “Hold my boots tightly,” she says suddenly. Eagerly you grab her boots, your fingers firmly around her ankle. You only have no idea as to what you owe the honor to touch her boots. It quickly becomes clear when suddenly with a cracking sound your one butthalf seems to be on fire. The hands of the Mistress have been replaced by a leather paddle. WHACK! POP! SMASH! WHACK! One hit after the other follows. “Make sure you do not roll off my knee slave, otherwise a severe punishment with the flogger will follow. The flogger that is made of heavy hard leather strands. Compared to that, this paddle is child’s play.”

Even more firmly your fingers surround the leather of the boots. You try to stay in your place with all your might, because if this beating doesn’t mean anything… SMASH! TWAKH! “Aaaahhh…” with a cry of pain you fall from her knee, on to the ground, even leveled with the highheels of the Mistress. The same heels that now move towards the wall, where the floggers are hanging…