Latex Rubber

You lie on your back, tied to the bondage table in SM Studio HouseOfSubMission in The Hague. Shortly before you were welcomed by Mistress Illucia, whit whom you have arranged a latex fetish session. Not just any Mistress, who occasionally dresses in latex, but doesn’t really relishes it, who isn’t really into it… No, this Mistress isn’t called the latex fetish queen for no reason. It is all latex and rubber what you see, what you feel, what you smell, what you experience, during such a latex and rubber fetish session. The Mistress might occasionally beat you with a rubber whip on your back or on your chest, or hit you in the face with a latex glove. Perhaps she even puts her latex clad fingers in your mouth to let you have a taste and you will be instructed to suck and lick them in deep submission. Unless the rubber ballgag in your mouth prevents sucking and licking, because who knows how much noise you already made before when the Mistress was spanking your bare buttocks with the very same latex gloves?

You over the knee, over your Mistress’s lap. Your very stiff penis tightly between the legs of her latex pants, rubbing back and forth with every blow on one of your buttocks. Your dick is rock hard, but you have no permission to cum. She explicitly denied you to cum. You are forbidden to cum for the whole day. No permission and yet you can not hold it any longer. Thick blobs of sperm and semen are sprayed over the latex trousers of the Mistress. You lie there, groaning, as the Mistress keeps hitting you on your slave bottom ass, left, right, left, right. There seems to be no end.

But then, finally, you are allowed to get off her lap and ordered to first lick your own semen from her pants. Clearly visible on the already shiny latex are the even stronger shiny blobs, slowly dripping down in the dim light of the SM club. With your tongue you slide over the smooth material, trying your best to really lick up everything until the pants are completely clean. Well, clean… your philty saliva slave slime is not really what falls under the definition of “clean”, but in any case, the majority of your protein-rich sperm substance is no longer visible.

Now that your tongue is no longer needed, it is time to put on a latex mask with a rubber gas mask over it. Take a good deep sniff… do you smell the difference, like the true latex and rubber fetishist that you are? Or is the scent too much mixed to distinguish it, though not less delicious?

For an extensive period of time that will be the only thing you smell, so you’d better like and enjoy it or otherwise get used to it. I’m going to fix you to the bondage table, in a rubber body bag with the masks on and I don’t intend to let you out soon… Just lie down!