“Yes, just stay there slave, low to the ground! There is no reason for you today to have your head anywhere higher than my knee. “

As you turn your head to look up at your Mistress, the first thing you see is her high leather boot, on the floor right in front of your eyes. A beautiful black leather boot with a high heel, only a few centimeters away from you. Moving your eyes going up you see her latex bodysuit, tight and shiny around her perfectly shaped body. What wouldn’t you do to have the chance to slide your hands over the smooth latex, following all the curves and contours of her beautiful body. But you know better… one wrong move and a merciless harsh punishment would be the result. At this moment you are not even allowed to touch her heel, neither with your hands nor with your tongue. You may not even lick the floor on which she walks…

Maybe you can serve as a floor, while she walks all over you with her highheels. Completely ignoring you, as if you were nothing more than a carpet, or a floor tile. Not something to be reckoned with, or to care about in any case. Would the Mistress notice you anyway, would she look at you? Just as your eyes want to move further up, to see her face, you feel a big, thick blob of spit falling on your forehead. And just after that another one, followed by a mean, sadistic laugh from the Mistress.

You feel how a slime trail forms from your forehead, down to your nose. “When my divine moisture reaches your lips, I want you to carefully catch everything with your tongue, little slave. Understood?”, she says, immediately followed by a long string of dripping spit, from the Mistress’s mouth, pooring down ready to join the rest of the saliva on your head. “UNDERSTOOD?” She repeats a bit more strict as she roughly pulls you up by your hair, right in front of her face.

Now you can finally look into her beautiful,sparkling eyes. But you don’t dare anymore, her looks are so angry and strict. “When *SMACK* I *SLAP* ask *BANG* you *CLANG* something *HIT* you *SLAP* will *SMACK* answer *SLAP* me *BANG* right *HIT* away *CLANG* from *SMACK* now *BANG* on, *CLANG* slave. Is that understood?” she asks, each word accompanied by a harsh fullblown faceslap. Your cheeks glow, probably they have been burnt red and you are a little bit bewildered by the sudden rain of bitchslaps in your face. But fortunately you are quick enough to answer… “Yes Mistress, it will not happen again Mistress!”

“Enough talking slave, for now I do not want to hear you anymore.” She lets go of your hair and pulls the zipper off her boot. The boot goes off. “Mouth open,” she commands, and of course you obey immediately, in the hope that you may worship her shapely foot. Yes, it looks like it… she already takes off her sock! Yes, yes, yes… hopeful you’re still waiting with your mouth open. YUCK, the dirty sock of the Mistress is stuffed into your mouth. “That will keep you quiet for a while,” she continues. “I want to use you as a footstool and a footstool makes no sound. If I hear a moan from you, the sock goes out and I will use you as an ashtray, understood?”

“Jhw Mihwstres” you mumble meekly as well and as bad as you can through the sock. You know better now than to not answer immediately. You have learned your lesson. Or so you thought… think again! Didn’t the Mistress say she doesn’t want to hear you anymore?

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