SM studio House Of SubMission

Mrs. Illucia and Mrs. Kate, two Mistresses with each private slave and slave girl and both dominant in nature. For years we have been involved with SM in all its forms, both private and commercial. Over the years we have received from The Hague and Rotterdam, always from an SM club and / or SM studio with the house rules. The fact that we do not like other people’s house rules at the same time has made us decide to join forces and creativity and to define our own house rules.

We prefer to receive by appointment. This also to avoid disappointment if we are already busy.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I, Mistress Illucia, are present in House of SubMission. If you want to take the risk to visit without an appointment, you can go to the Thomsonlaan 109, 2565 HZ in The Hague from 12:00 to 20:00. But once again you have no guarantee that I will be available. On other days I work exclusively by appointment.

SM studio House or SubMission is a very well-equipped studio with only quality materials. From small material like rope and clamps to large SM furniture such as a bond table and wheel and everything in between, everything is there.

The many possibilities and all materials and equipment in the two attractively furnished SM rooms guarantee many hours of fun!

For more info about the studio you can read more here and view photos, or on our separate website: www.houseofsubmission.nl