Tightly wrapped in foil you stand against the wall in the SM studio. Is it already sweating and scalding? And I had made some openings in your nice plastic packaging! It is true not to air, but to make sure that I can easily access it. At which? For now, I have enough of your nipples and your cock and balls. Because I do not need that much space for nipple torture and CBT. So tightly wrapped and mummified you cannot go anyway and you are handed over to me powerlessly. If I want to, I pinch your nose and mouth and there is nothing you can do about it. Hmmm, wonderful, the feeling that I can have you over here. Maybe I want it that way, but not for now …

Now I’m going to play with your nipples first. You also like games, I hope? Then we do who lasts the longest. I squeeze, or you undergo without making a sound. What? Do you start to squeak when I use my nails a few times?

And we had not even agreed what the winner would get, actually. Unfortunately! Well, it’s about the game … Tug of war I also like a lot. I think I’m going to play that, with my left and right hand. Twist the string a few times around your balls and then see which hand pulls harder. The hand that wins, you can give a good pair of pets to your cock.

Oh dear! Again so much noise! I’ll have to do you a ballgag. But first tie the string, otherwise it will come loose …

So … with your mouth gag I want you to lie on the floor now. Then I can sit on your chest and take care of your nipples again.

Foil bonding or mummification complicated? No, very simple! An appointment is made in this way. Mistress Illucia in The Hague, in my BDSM studio House of Submission.