Oooh, how I love fetish! You could almost say that I have a fetish for fetish. Whether it is about PVC, leather, latex, rubber, boots, shoes, high heels, bondage, urine, spit… I like it all very much and I have a large selection of all kinds of garments in my well-equipped SM studio and a lot of material in different versions.

I’m just not a language fetishist, so whether you write fetish according to official spelling as a fetish or that you use the word fetisj, I couldn’t care less. It is about the experience of your fetish, and that is exactly what you can do at my place, very well. Totally how you want it, tailor-made.

Beautiful shiny latex dresses in beautiful prints, but also dresses of smooth and soft quality leather. Shiny lacquer pants and skintight latex pants. Pumps, sling-back shoes, peep-toes, platform shoes and all kinds of other shoes with high heels in many shapes and sizes: stiletto heels, block heels, and wedges. Rubber boots, patent boots and leather boots from my calf to the knee… You can see it all and maybe even touch, feel, smell, maybe even wear and show in my SM studio in The Hague. Then we can both admire our fetish outfits together and you can show me how well you can walk on heels.

Of course, I myself have my preferences. I am not only known as Mistress Illucia, but also under the name of Fetish Queen, mainly because of my fetish for rubber or latex. I think it’s a really great material and you will often find me wearing it. During a session, I always wear some rubber or latex. I think it reinforces my domination and I just feel better. But you will often see it combined with something in lacquer or leather, which I also like to wear.

Maybe I’ll let you shine my latex catsuit comprehensively, or would you rather polish my leather boots? I prefer to wear patent pumps with high heels above boots, but with pumps, there isn’t much to polish, is it now? Although you can lick the smooth lacquer with your tongue quite well. And subsequently the bottom of my pump!

I also like some variety, so I certainly will not always wear pumps or latex clothing. That is also getting boring. That’s why I regularly see high leather knee boots and a leather pants or latex dress. And it’s great fun if I let you put on a latex dress too. Show me how blunt and slutty you can be!

I also feel very comfortable on my bare feet. And then completely if you give them a feet massage! Or maybe you want to lick or smell it. Always a surprise whether or not they will smell of sweaty feet. So if you have a feet fetish, you are at the right place at my feet.

And what about my golden nectar? Do you have a fetish for urine and urine? Luckily my studio has a bath, in which I can pee under your breath. And if you’re lucky and you keep your mouth open, you might end up with a jet of urine in your mouth.

Is your fetish not listed? Call and ask for the possibilities without obligation. Make an appointment and experience your fetish together with Mistress Illucia in the studio in The Hague.