Face Slapping

TWACK! A hard face slap, bitch slap or in plain English: a smack in the face. Maybe one blow is enough to get your attention, so we can continue with what we were supposed to be doing. The corrective tap. But then again it might not be enough and I have to hit you in the face with my flat hand more often. Left, right, left, right, one after the other smack on your cheeks follows. Because if you don’t pay attention or don’t listen to me, I know no mercy and I like to use face slapping to get you back to class.

Dealing with very naughty little boys or girls, of course, I can also continue as long as I see fit. As punishment, because you just don’t seem to get along. Or just because I feel like it. Because it’s so hilarious to see how you already closing your eyes, flinching in anticipation, your facial muscles already tense. I’m just pretending… I don’t even touch you!

How different it is when I use face-slapping for humiliation purposes, to show you your place. Hard or soft, fast or slow… every blow is different and gives a different sensation. Does it make you shy, when my bare hand caresses your cheek? First with the palm of my hand, then changing to my fingertips. Then faster, building up from soft to hard? Delicious, the clashing, smashing sound of a good smack to the face! Maybe I will stop for a moment and have a look at your frightened face, when I carefully prepare to put on my leather gloves, or my long gala gloves, reaching up to my elbow. Maybe I’ll also spit in your face to increase the humiliation. A good blow on a wet cheek is extra painful.

If you think you can handle it, I’ll be happy to take care of you and make sure that you leave the SM studio House or SubMission in The Hague with red cheeks.

Are your cheeks already glowing at the thought alone?