Can you feel the tension, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress, it is running through my body now that I am standing in front of you.”

“No slave! Wrong answer! I have not even turned on the TENS …”

A situation like this can easily become reality if you make an appointment for an electro game during an SM session in my studio in The Hague and you are standing blindfolded before me.

The adhesive pads and electrodes have already been applied to your nipples and your precious parts, but there is no tension yet. Well, of course, there is a lot of tension, but of the other kind. A nice example of a mindfuck when I tell you that the device has already been turned on, sending electric power through your body. I’m very curious how you would react… just wait until the real tension pulls through your body! Then you will be able to clearly feel the difference between the tension between your ears and in your body! 😉

If the electricity runs through your cock and balls, you might pull your wrist cuffs the hardest you’ve ever pulled. What’s also fun to do is to let a dilator sound slide into your penis and then attach electrodes to it. Well, fun for me, anyway. I can then with great ease give you a great electrostimulation and bring you an explosive orgasm. If you behave well, that is… A small turn with my fingers on the right buttons is enough. Will I?…

And what to think about your hole on the other side? A dildo in your anus, with nice electrical power pulses, every second? How does that sound to you? Just sit back and relax, so you can let your thoughts about this flow through your body, instead of electricity. That will follow.

Are you afraid of electro? In any case, make sure you don’t blow a fuse; don’t have a total meltdown. If you do not have experience, we’ll literally and figuratively slowly increase the tension. I am an experienced Mistress, everything is completely safe and of course, I only work with the highest quality equipment.

Do you also want to experience a shock therapy one time? Do you feel at your best under high pressure and are you ready for the violet wand? Make an appointment and book a sparkling SM electro torture session! The game is on, and so is the TENS…