Doggie Play

Some dogs, especially puppies, can be very playful. But that is not entirely what is meant by doggy play or puppy play. Or at least not during a session with Mistress Illucia in her SM studio House of SubMission in The Hague. The game that I play with you is much more focused on training you as my human dog. My loyal dog, my good doggie, my playful dog and sometimes my naughty, disobedient dog.

Like a loyal dog, you may, of course, be submissive, on the floor at my feet, watching over your Mistress, who occasionally rewards you with some attention and a pat on your loyal dog’s head. With your tongue hanging out of your mouth you might even lick my feet or my shoes. It’s what dogs like, isn’t it? Or go for the real thing and lick my boots! If your tongue dries out a little, the dog bowl is ready for you to drink from.

You must learn to be a good dog, because if I give you a command like “sit”, “lie” or “give paw”, I don’t expect you to be able to carry out all my assignments perfectly and immediately as an untrained dog. But with some help from a tight collar and my dog’s whip, I will make sure that you learn to do all the tricks that I want in a short time. However, if you are naughty and disobedient and do not want to listen at all, I may have to put on a choking collar, or I can put you on a chain in the doghouse or in the bench for a long time. In case of disobedience, I will certainly use the dog whip on you, just as long as you submit, listen and obey. No pain, no gain. When you bite, I always have a suitable muzzle for you somewhere within reach. I am stern, strict, but fair boss.

If you’ve just started living your human dog’s life, as a playful puppy, I’m obviously a lot less strict. It is always fun to throw toys at an enthusiastic and curious dog, just to see how you bring it back to your boss and mistress in between your mouth, cheerfully wagging your tail. Or learn how to walk on a leash – and stop and stay – meekly following the Mistress with every step she takes, so that at least I can easily walk with you in a while when you’re a full grown dog.

Do you already fancy a walk around the block in The Hague?