Just have nothing to do, no need to do anything at all, empty your head, away from the stress of everyday life. Sounds like a holiday, right? With that ‘small’ difference that my SM studio is not a luxurious all-inclusive beach resort. You can dream about a holiday, of course, locked in a body bag or tightly tied up in strict bondage.

But for this moment you are here and that beach resort will have to wait. And waiting is all you can do whatsoever because you might be stuck everywhere.

That is, of course, the ultimate SM confinement: completely fixed, so that you really can not move at all, no possibility to move even an inch. Completely helpless left alone in the dark. Nothing to see and no sense of time. How long have you been here? And how long would it take before the Mistress comes to see you? Will she release you then, or will she keep you her prisoner for longer? You don’t know, you really have no idea. The only thing you know is that you have been imprisoned for quite some time and that it will probably take a little longer. Or a lot longer…

You try to see if there is any movement possible within your tight bondage, but unfortunately, there isn’t. There is absolutely no chance of escape. You can only hope that the Mistress will stop by soon. You hear the clicking of high heels coming closer… is it her coming to see how you’re doing? No, not at all, the heels are just walking by and you are left alone again in the dark. You want to call out to your Mistress, but because of the thick mouth gag, only little sound comes out of your mouth. You would like to see her, see which heels they are… Does she wear the red patent leather pumps, or is it the black kneehigh leather boots? Those with the shiny buckles on the side. You do not know.

You can’t see anything. You don’t hear anything. All attempts to attract attention are in vain. Mistress has long been gone. You just have to wait until the Mistress decides to give you some attention again.

Do you have some spare time left and are you not afraid of the dark?