Compulsive Masturbation

Pull! Harder! Jerk off! Show me how hard and stiff you can make your cock for the Mistress, when you have to masturbate for me. There you are, properly on your knees before me, with your penis in your hand, moving back and forth, again and again. Why are you looking at me? Look down, look at your dick and see how your hand moves in an effort to get you ready to cum. Does it make you nervous or do you feel embarrassed when I watch you trying to get a hard-on for the Mistress? Or does it excite you, does it make you horny and is there an exhibitionist hiding in you?

For now it seems that it is not going to work that way, judging by your weak willy. Come on, jerk off! It isn’t that difficult, is it? Such a simple assignment? Just rub over your glans, with your thumb and fingers. And back. And again up and down, back and forth. Alternate it with your whole hand around your cock, take it completely in your hands and squeeze it well, so that it becomes a bit stiffer. Caress your balls if that helps, or should I tie them up tightly to help you make your cock hard? You know that wasn’t part of the assignment, right? That the Mistress was to help you with a little CBT... your assignment is simple and easy to jerk off for me. Just forced masturbation under my supervision and control. Cum for your beautiful Mistress! As fast as you can.

Well? I don’t have all day… If you succeed, you have the privilege to lick your own sperm off my boots as a reward. But you also know what we agreed upon if you don’t get the job done, right? The agreement was that you get a hard kick between your legs for every minute you said you needed to cum for me. You said 10 minutes, but it doesn’t look like you’re gonna make it and we’re already at 8 minutes… I would try my best if I were you, unless you’re hoping for ballbusting. Come on, pull harder, jerk off, faster!

Ah, what a pity. Not in time! It’s difficult to do a forced masturbation when I’m watching, isn’t it? Listen now, I want you to remember this very moment every time you masturbate from now on. Then next time when you make an appointment to come to the SM studio in The Hague, you can tell me how many minutes you think you will need to cum.
So, now about our other agreement… I want you to count aloud. From 1 to 10…