Clamps, in all types, sizes and weights. Mean clamps and almost sweet pegs, vicious crocodile jaw clamps and painful butterfly clamps. They are all there, in my SM studio in The Hague. And of course I like to use them all at certain times during a session. Give the Mistress carte blanche and before you know it you’re decorated with clamps everywhere.

Nipple clamps are easily placed and they come in all kinds of versions, from nasty hard and mean to almost soft and teasing. The longer the clamp crushes and squeezes your nipple, the more painful it gets. Even the sweetest clamp is pretty much intense after a while and makes your nipples very sensitive. Wait for the moment when the clamp can be removed again. Finally! But first enjoy the pain caused by the blood that will start flowing again! It’s the perfect moment for me to start playing with your nipples with my fingertips and nails… to squeeze them lightly. Or squeeze hard and tight of course, if I happen to feel like it. For dessert, let’s say.

Clamps on your cock and scrotum. There’s a lot of skin there. Skin where I can put a lot of different clamps and pegs. Prove to the Mistress that you can handle a whole rainbow of colors, made out of clothespins, on your private parts. Or two rainbows, one on each side. Maybe I’ll beat you afterwards to hit the pegs off with a riding crop. You’d better hope to not go home with a blue ballsac, or do you like blue?

For the female slaves among us I can do something similar on the labia and maybe even on the clitoris for some. Let’s see how long you can handle a firm clamp over there.

Clamps on the skin between your fingers and between your toes. A sensitive spot and therefore very painful, because the skin is soft and thin. You have nice earrings by the way, or are they just clips on your earlobe? A clamp on your nose bone or on your tongue, to make speaking more difficult. Just try to tell me on which body parts the Mistress has not yet put her clamps, but where she could place them. Your belly, your belly button, your chest, your arms, your side, the inner calf of your knee, actually… anywhere, don’t you agree?

Well then, let’s move on quickly, shall we? We still have a lot to do and not much time left… time flies when you’re having fun! Or maybe you fancy a half-day session? Then we can slow things down. Your choice! You just need to tell me. I don’t understand you anyway with that clip on your tongue! 😉