Show me that you have some balls, little man! Yes, unfortunately for the ladies, I can only perform cock and ball torture, or abbreviated CBT, on male creatures. It’s all about torturing the dick and balls, the male intimate parts. Of course I have a lot of different possibilities to torture you, but torturing your cock and balls is amongst the funniest ones. At least for me, because I’m having a real good time.

Let’s start by tightly tying your balls so that they are clearly visible and easily accessible to me. Fortunately for you, you shaved them well in advance, otherwise I would have had to start using candle wax to give your balls a proper waxing. Now let’s first put a string tightly around your scrotum a few times and then pull the string tightly around your balls, so that they are well separated from each other. It looks just like two eggs like that. Let’s see if I want scrambled eggs or beaten eggs, hahahaha. Well, tie your cock tightly and then we are done. What, squeaking already now, are we? It isn’t that tight I think? In half an hour everything can be removed again, but n’t be such a pussy, I’m only starting!

Look, the long piece of string that I have left allows me to pull you in all directions that I want. Left, right, up … you’re an easy follower! Hahaha.

Just keep standing like that for a while. Then I will see how many clothes pegs I can put on your scrotum and penis before I will hit them all off again with my riding crop. You may guess how many strokes I need to succeed and for every count that you’re wrong, I’ll hang a weight of 500 grams on your balls, OK? There are thirty cloth pegs spread across your genitals now, so take a good guess. And of course I can hit as hard or soft as I want, so you never win whatsoever! You know that the Mistress is always right and always gets her way, don’t you?

Twenty-five strokes, you say? We’ll see. My guess is at thirty-five… Oh yeah, did I mention that for every false count it will be 500 grams *on each side*? I wonder if you can handle 10 kilos, because that’s about how it will end, I guess. Maybe it brings you on your knees in front of me, but maybe you’re lucky today and the weight remains limited. If not, then I can try how well I can play football in a game of ballbusting. A few kicks with my left leg and a few kicks with right against your balls and against the weights.

Already asking for mercy? Then I have not even come to needles, sounds or electro on your precious parts. That is real cock and ball torture, for the die hards, the lovers of extreme CBT, the men with hard balls. What kind of balls do you have?