Carpet Beater

Those were the days… 🙂 A good example of how things used to be is the carpet beater. That beautiful braided beating device, with which mothers used to beat the rugs and carpets clean and dust-free. But not only carpets… naughty or disobedient children were given a good deal on their pants as well. An additional advantage … the pants were also dust-free. 😉 Many a child will have felt and feared the carpet beater, because with pants on it was already a painful experience, but if the pants had to go down and the carpet beater was used on the bare buttocks, it was an almost unbearable punishment. Sometimes one couldn’t sit for a whole day.

Maybe I am old-fashioned, but I do like the decent handwork of the past. Firmly beating the dust out, for example out of that slave ass of yours! Let’s see if I can slam some dust from that bare bum. The easy thing about a carpet beater is the long handle, so that I can hit with it selectively very hard or soft, by chocie depending on what I want.

To warm you up, I briefly grasp the handle. Just lie down, over my knee, with your bottom exposed. Left, right, left, right, always alternating I hit you on your ass to get you used to the sound and the impact of the carpet beater. Your ass is already turning into a lovely shade of red.
But why are you struggling with your legs? Does it hurt already now? I will have to restrain you and clamp your legs between my thighs to keep you in place, because we are not there yet … not at all, actually! We have just started and your buttocks can get much redder.

You know what? Go back up again and stand straight. A bit further away from me, so I can give it a good swing. Then we will hit that slave ass of you really red. Close your eyes and bend over, with your buttocks towards me. Concentrate on the swishing sound of the carpet beater, then I will enjoy the continuous repeating sound of the beater, smashing your skin.

To cool down your buttocks and to finish it off, I may have to give you a spanking with my bare hands, also in the old, familiar, old-fashioned way, meaning OTK or over-the-knee with your bare buttocks. Just lie back …