Boots, together with for example whips, are often part of the standard image that people have of a Mistress and SM: a Mistress in black leather, whip in her hand and wearing high leather boots. Well, it so happens to be that I’m not a ‘standard’ mistress, but boots are of course included in my collection. My shoe collection is so large that I can wear a different pair of shoes every day of the year and a considerable part of that collection consists of boots. From elegant ankle boots to cool high knee boots and over the knee boots. They all have high heels, but that’s the only thing they have in common… for the rest they are all different. Whether it’s the material of lacquer, PVC, leather, suede or rubber, or whether it is what I want to use them for, or how I want to feel.

For example, should I want to use you as a human carpet, I will soon opt for boots that are suitable for trampling. If you are a more often walked on rug, then I might choose boots with a thin steel stiletto heel, but when you are fairly new to the game I will start of course more cautious with a wider, thick heel or block heel. If I put my full weight on it, you will still have a very hard time!

If I want to get you to work by having my boots polished, then it depends very much on whether I want to make you sweat, or whether I make it relatively easy for you. For easy shoe polish jobs, for example, I put on my smooth patent boots, which you can clean with a polishing cloth in almost no time at all. A little more difficult is, when I let you clean the patent boots with your tongue. But if I want to make it hard for you, my preference goes to high leather boots with lots of zippers and straps, where it is almost impossible to reach every spot with a cloth, let alone with your tongue. The chance of forgetting a spot or unvoluntary skipping one is almost certain and maybe will let you sweat even more. But be careful that your filthy sweat does not soil my boots! You already have enough trouble because of the spots you missed…

Latex and rubber gives me a powerful and dominant feeling. If I want to assert my dominance in an SM session, I will therefore mainly wear latex or rubber boots. When I tower high above you in my high heels, it already gives me a sense of domination, but the latex material adds an extra dimension to it. But it is also possible that you book a session in the BDSM studio focused on a suede fetish. Then I obviously will walk around in soft suede boots, which you most probably are allowed to touch, even stroking them for a longer time, as a reward for all the pain that you suffered during the treatment with my suede floggers.