Boot Licking

My boots are always in top condition. It doesn’t matter whether it concerns my leather boots or my patent boots, knee-high boots or short ankle boots. Everything is as brand new and that’s how I like to keep it. As a Mistress, of course, I do not get my hands on it. For the normal cleaning, I can use my usual slaves, but sometimes an extra or special cleaning is required. Then shoe polish and a polishing cloth are no longer enough, because, for example, all bits and pieces of dirt have been left behind, or because some dried mud still is visible. Even after a walk in heavy rain, anything and everything can get stuck, which of course has to be removed again. And that’s where you come in, my devoted bootlicker! With your tongue, I’ll let you clean my boots completely in long and short strokes, all the way from top to bottom. Speaking of bottom… the sole! I want to have my soles spotlessly clean, but of course not before you have cleaned the boots themselves first, so you will not foul the rest of my boots with a tongue that is filthy from my sole!

Look, I’m ready, with my legs crossed on my Mistress’s throne. Come crawling to me on all fours and start licking at the top, at the shaft, with short strokes all the way around and make sure that they are dry after licking! I do not want my boots dripping with your dirty, filthy slave’s saliva. If you need some spit to get something off, just ask me. I’ll donate some of my Mistress’s spit with love, for you to properly lick off my boots.

You are lucky, this time, that they are not very dirty, just a few spots at the instep that I do want to be shiny clean. Remember to not miss one single spot, since you don’t want to see your Mistress dissatisfied, do you? Who knows what punishment awaits you in that case…

And now for the sole! Can’t you reach easily? Shall I push your head down with my other boot? I’d love to help you!

To make it a little more bearable for you, I will crush chocolate under my sole. Slightly rubbing back and forth, so that it is well mixed with the dirt under my sole. Don’t you like crunchy chocolate? Hahahaha.

Do you just want to worship and adore my boots with your slave tongue? That is possible too. Licking boots that aren’t dirty, just to show me how much you love them. To make sure that you really only touch my boots with your tongue and not with your hands, I will first tie them on your back.

Concentrate on my left foot, moving up and down and back and forth. Try to follow it with your tongue… and be careful not to fall over with your hands on your back. You might end up licking the floor instead of my boots…