Beating you is a possibility for me as a Mistress to punish, correct, humiliate, attack you or to put you in your place, or in my pocket ;-), being the slave or submissive that you are. Or I can use it as a reward, just because hitting is so enjoyable. 🙂

Explicitly including the one on the receiving end, that is, meaning getting hit, because for me as a Mistress slapping someone is always nice and never annoying… 😉

There are so many ways to hit, so many corporal punishment toys that I can choose from. And do I wish to beat hard or soft? Almost caressing or teasing you, severely punishing or painful for a long time? It does not have to be boring at all, with so much variation and difference between, for example, a humiliating faceslap, an old-fashioned over the knee spanking on your bare bottom, a corrective lash with my riding crop, warming strokes with double floggers, your back and chest covered in nice red colors, a mean and cutting bullwhip or single tail whip, or an extensive caning session with swishing canes on your bare buttocks till bleeding, or simply by using both of my hands that I can use both gently and harshly.

There are countless whips, canes, carpet beaters and other SM equipment and beating tools in the studio that I can choose from. The intensity with which I use all these resources and of course the way you react to it can influence the course of a session.

So if you want to challenge me to show you everything I’ve got, I’ll gladly accept the challenge and I will certainly not spare you in that case. It is no problem for me at all if you want to continue enjoying the SM session a few days more after your studio visit in The Hague, so to speak. 😉 Under the condition that you can come home with some proof of evidence in the form of marks on your body, otherwise, I’ll have to take a bit more caution and go soft on you.

The same applies to the somewhat lesser masochist minded people among us, who of course I will beat as well if it’s necessary, or if they invite me to do so, albeit a little less strong…

I notice quickly enough whether you get excited by the sound of a leather whip on naked skin, the swishing of a rattan cane or the loud bang of a bullwhip literally breaking the sound barrier. It almost seems like we’re talking about a sound studio, but it’s really SM and you’ll certainly feel and know so as soon as the blows fall.

Want to see me getting started? And what about feeling?