With your legs spread open for the Mistress, so she has easy access anywhere for a hearty ballbusting! That is how you stand in fromt of me, shaking from excitement, in the SM studio in The Hague.

In tension you wait for what is to come, or actually not what, but when. Because you know what is going to happen. You just don’t know how hard, or how often, or how long.

First I start with some teasing kicks with my bare foot, to warm you up a little.

With the ball of my foot I stroke a little along your cock and balls, followed by some soft kicks. I place my foot on the shaft of your dick, where the penis and the scrotum meet each other. I exert some light pressure, slowly building it up and pressing harder. Through my nylons I can feel very well how your cock responds.

Suddenly I pull out with a targeted kick between your balls. With the instep of my foot I hit you exactly where I wanted. A dull pain rises from your balls to your belly.

Are you ready for the next kick? As soon as you are standing up again, I continue with my “football game”.

Maybe you are a fan of the somewhat harder work … ballbusting with shoes or boots. I have a large collection to choose from, so I can always find something suitable for you…

And if you stay upright for too long, I might choose to wear my pumps with high heels. I always like to have fun and kick some ass… your balls included! 😉

To increase the tension even more, I can order you to turn around. With your back to me you can’t see what’s coming and of course you can’t anticipate in any way whatsoever. But now you can’t see my beautiful high-heeled black leather pumps anymore either, nor my smile every time when I kick you with them.

Too bad huh? Well okay, if you want to see them that bad… just turn around again, face to me.

I could go on waaayyy much longer, but the question is how much longer you last, before the nauseating sensation in your stomach and the pain in your balls automatically causes you to get down on your knees, when you may thankfully kiss my shoes…

Maybe I’ll even allow you to take them off and to continue with my feet. Worship the feet, that caused you all this pain only a few moments ago as a real torture. Show how grateful you are. Be careful not to drool on them, or punishment will follow! By now you can imagine what punishment I have in mind! 😉

You may start with my left shoe…