Assignments. Quite simple. As your Mistress I tell you what to do and you obey me as a submissive sub, slave or bottom obediently. Yet time and time again it appears for many of my subjects to be very difficult just to do what I ask. A simple assignment, an easy task and yet you do it wrong each time or it is not entirely fulfilled to my standards.

Are you also someone who has to be corrected by all means that are available to me as a Mistress in my SM Studio in The Hague? Do you provoke punishment because you supposedly did not understand a command?

Or are you more the serving type, who makes every effort to please the Mistress and fulfill all assignments as good as possible? In that case you can count on a suitable reward, provided you carry out my tasks to my full satisfaction. Because even my most dedicated servants also need training and guidance from time to time and have to learn how I want things to be done.

There are so many different ways to do things for me and there always is only just one correct way. So many ways to polish my boots, for example, or to massage my feet. So many ways to tidy up the SM studio or to do the dishes. Just standing still or sitting in a certain position, apparently very difficult for many people. Just presenting a cigarette to me or lighting it can be done right in one way only and in many ways wrong. Have you ever thought about how you could pour my coffee and if that is the only way to do it? And more importantly, is that also the way I want you to do it?

Fortunately for you, I don’t expect perfection ímmediately and I will give you all the time and opportunity to learn to do all the assignments you get from me completely to my liking. Maybe you get it all right in one go, maybe I need to lend a hand. Maybe a helping hand is not enough and I have to punish with a strict hand.

So you actually have your fate more or less in your own hands. If you are a fast learner, you will soon be able to get pleasure from serving and attending your Mistress, but if you need a strict or severe guidance to achieve the desired result, then I can be a sternly strict teacher, if necessary without mercy. Practice makes perfect, so a lot of practice will be the only method then, just as long until it all goes well. And believe me… in the end, you will just do what I want, one a bit faster than the other, willingly or forced.

Your first assignment is to contact me for an appointment in my SM studio in The Hague, The Netherlands. We’ll see from there which other assignments you can fulfill for me.