Talk is cheap, but my strap-on dildo isn’t! So, let’s see what you can handle for your Mistress. Because you have plenty of a big mouth, but do you have a big hole as well? Put your ass backwards and up, so that your slave pussy is available, ready to be taken by me with my strap on. Because I don’t know you that well yet, I’ll start easy on you. But in the end I’m sure you’ll want nothing else but to be fucked hard in your ass by me, your beautiful Mistress.

First I’ll check how elastic and flexible your butt hole really is. Perhaps I’ll use my hands, maybe I’ll even use my wrists to do the testing… With my whole hand inside you to fist you firmly. But if this is your first time, I probably won’t get much further than a few fingers. Just a little lubricant on my latex glove and then I will explore that ass of yours.

So do you feel my fingers examining your anus? I really hope my sharp nails will not cut through my glove. I hope it for you, but for me as well! Surely you have cleansed and rinsed yourself in advance, at home, as described in the SM session rules? If not, you can lick my glove clean afterwards and I will come up with a suitable punishment for not following my rules.

Your butt hole is still a bit tight, so I’ll have to stretch it with a butt plug so you will be ready for the real thing. With my large collection of dildos and strapons, I can satisfy you anally in various ways. From a small and hard solid strapon to large, thick and flexible dildos. Dildos on batteries or via connection to an TENS electro box, for extra anal stimulation.

I dare say that I have the right filling for every hole. Now bend over carefully, then we’ll see how far we can get today. If not far enough, we’ll continue next time where we left off…