As we all know, SM isn’ t mainstream and not common to a lot of people, but also within the world of BDSM, there are things that are less common than others. One is seen or practiced more often than the other, one fetish has more enthusiasts than the other. That is why not everything can be placed under one single common name. Under SM others I have collected all SM activities that are just outside the booklet, the not so standard SM games. Of course not any fetish or fantasy is weird, crazy or strange, but some just have fewer enthusiasts.

Prerequisite for admission is of course that I, Mistress Illucia, should like the activity. I have to want to play the game with you in my studio in The Hague. I am not the “you ask, we deliver” kind of Mistress type.

What do you have to think about when I say extraordinary SM? It is certainly not always extreme SM, because there are a lot of SM games that are not extreme, but still don’t fit well within the existing sections of the website menu. Moreover: what is extreme? It’s very dependant on what you’re used to. What I mean with extraordinary SM is, for example, an SM session especially meant for beginners and inexperienced people, or an SM surprise session, where you give me carte blanche and you just have to wait and see what will happen. Everything well within the limits you specify, of course, but otherwise it’s my decision, I alone determine what will happen.

In addition, it certainly is about the more extreme forms of SM as well, or SM activities that you just don’t often see and those that aren’t for everyone, such as the use of needles, a confinement in my vacuum bed or the use of electro. Special forms of bondage, such as foil bondage, or a not so often used form of cock and ball torture using dilator sounds.

Whatever fantasy or fetish you have, nothing is strange or weird to me and even if your fantasy or fetish isn’t mentioned anywhere on the website, you can always contact me without any obligation. Questions are free… whether I’ll buy… 😉 Just ask…