Welcome to the website of Mistress Illucia

I give SM sessions and BDSM Workshops.

I am a Mistress who with lots of passion and understanding uses her dominance during commercial sessions.
I play not only with experienced SM-ers, but also with those who are new on this path. Those take I gladly by the hand and lead them in this fascinating world. I play with both slave-boys as slave-girls, but couples are also welcome with me.

A session does not always has to be hard or heavy (may of course), but can just as well be soft or fetish-oriented. Hard and soft, so both can be a challenge that I like to take. What I think is important here is that the imagination can be expressed and possibly put into practice, approached each other with respect and discretion by both parties is maintained.

In the years that I am working with BDSM, I developed a great love for wearing and use of latex, that you can really call it a fetish.

Obviously this is not the only thing that fascinates me, just different aspects of BDSM and interaction during sessions makes it so appealing to me. That’s why no session is the same, because every opponent brings his / her own imagination, experience, and boundaries.
And where the boundaries are always respected, are just the imagination, experience and perception of my opponents something I like to play with and something I would like to add.

You can always speak out your preferences, but I determine how and to what extent I make use of it. Because remember well …
….. I am the Mistress!

For more information about me read my interview with Doma Magazine.

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Mistress Illucia from The Hague plays passionate. From soft to hard SM for both novice and experienced slave Slavin or couple.