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Deze site bevat ongecensureerd seksueel expliciet materiaal dat niet geschikt is voor minderjarigen. U moet minimaal eenentwintig jaar oud zijn om de website te bezoeken. Als u jonger bent dan eenentwintig jaar en u komt wel binnen, kunt u de lokale, provinciale of federale wetgeving overtreden. Ouders, gebruik de oudercontrole-balk om te bepalen wat uw kinderen online zien. Toegang kan in bepaalde staten of landen verboden zijn. Als uw lokale wetgeving seksueel expliciet materiaal verbiedt, verlaat u dan nu de website.

Door de website te bezoeken verklaar je het volgende:

I am at least twenty-one years old.
I will not allow minors to access this website or any material therein.
I confirm that the computer used to connect me to this mature, BDSM-related website is my property and, if this is not the case, I confirm that I have permission from the owner to use it for this purpose.
I am not a federal, police, civil, immigration or law enforcement officer or acting as an agent thereof. I also try not to obtain evidence of the persecution of a person or company for the purpose of imprisonment.
I am not a member of the media or a private investigator.
Sexually explicit material representing bondage, discipline, acts of sadomasochism and other fetish activities is permitted by the local legislation that governs my region.
I understand that all images on this site have a consensus and that every act or situation depicted has been approved by all parties (dominant and submissive).
I will not distribute and / or attempt to sell the images or text that I download from the site of Mrs Illucia in any way or in any medium.
I understand that all images, including those that form the structure of Mrs. Illucia’s site, are copyrighted and I will not mark any page herein except this, which contains warnings and conditions.
I am not offended by writings and images of bondage, domination, submission, sadism, masochism, D / s or fetish, or of photos that they represent.
All professional activity referred to on this site takes place in Europe, the Netherlands, The Hague.


This site is not intended for viewers who are minors. Anyone who is not 21 years of age or older must now leave this website.
As an additional precaution, parents must use filter programs to block access to this site, such as Cybersitter and Net Nanny.
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Mistress Illucia is an independent dominatrix and alpha woman from The Hague, the Netherlands. All BDSM and fetish practices of Mistress Illucia follow the state and federal laws of the Netherlands. If you are looking for information about its services in The Hague, the Netherlands and can legally view this site, go to the Sessions page.
If not, please leave the website now


Exploration of human sexuality

Mistress Illucia favors the exploration of human sexuality in its many creative forms, as long as it is legal. She is committed to raising awareness and respect for the freedom to investigate domination, submission, sadomasochism and fetish as legitimate elements of sexual orientation and to dismantle general misconceptions about them.

Permission images

All images and text on this site are made with the permission of all involved, or are images of fantasy or fiction. She does not offer any sexual acts or nudity in a professional manner, although sexual images are used throughout the site to expand the discussion about human sexuality and as a method of creative expression.
Images and descriptions of Femdom, slave education, sadism, masochism, domination, submissiveness, slavery, humiliation, rape games, horns, fetishes, sexual intercourse, gang bangs and abuse are all based on imagination or created with the consent of all participants.


Multi-year models

All models on this site are twenty-one years or older. All content on this site is the property of and is used with the express permission of the models. Any use of the content or design of this site without the express permission of the owner is prohibited.

Interested in BDSM

If you are interested in exploring your own sexual identity and fetish interests in The Hague, Netherlands, make an appointment with Mrs Illucia

Some of the fetish categories that Mistress Illucia offers as part of her work as a dominatrix, some do not. However, you will at least increase your view of domination and submission. You can then read her Reviews and click on the Guestbook to read what people have said about her.

If you decide to meet Mistress Illucia in person, you may want to visit her homepage to find out more about what kind of woman she is and her booking page to schedule your sessions.